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Others may chime in, but for me it's the photos. This needs a steaming, some lighting and a mannequinn. I can't see the fabric quality, color or pattern and would need to see the interior label (these give the customers a chubby, trust me...)
If time allows I will get us back on track with some of the finds from this week. My favorite was from a store I now call 'The Orphanage' - an orphaned Canali, Brioni and Oxxford (I think) jacket all on the same rack where they only had maybe 25 for sale. I went through the pants for an hour. At least they were patterns that could work as a sport coat.
Now I remember why I stopped posting in SF for the last few months. 500 Pseudo-intellectuals in a pissing match about how a f*cking thread should be structured, moderated, conducted and to what extent converations out of the originally intended scope should be tolerated. Sounds like fun. Catch you guys on eBay; there are more morons there but the morons are easy to please.
And in turn the people paying 10x the purchase price are pleased to be buying at the prices they are paying - I know I have. What's your point....you are jealous? Seriously....I am missing the point.
I am just glad people are piping up about this. This is an interactive forum where the discussion helps all of us learn, acquire some great goods, discuss a hobby and sometimes just make the time pass and avoid what we should really be doing. If you just want to see pictures of Brioni suits I recommend this.That said, I hit a lot of stores on the East coast while travelling and will get some pictures up of some of the more interesting items soon. No homeruns, but some...
100.0% certain those are not shell. Still decent looking shoes...
I should add that she said "I have only found one of those Hickey Freemans" and it was all I could do to not tell her that you and I have beat her to dozens of them. I took it as an indication that she doesn't hit the stores that often.
Shiny - those do not appear to be shell. I finally learned how the whole Goodwill 'Blue' thing works - these are their high end stores. I pulled into a local GW and noticed a van in the parking lot from the Blue store. I was hoping perhaps they were dropping off some merchandise, but I knew better. I went in and stared working through the suits and it only took 20 seconds to spot the employee going through pants in a surgical fashion. She was a young, tattooed version...
What is the model name on the interior tag in the upper right hand corner? The 'for Nordstrom' suits I have seen have been fully Canvassed and on par with the HF Collection lines.
I think that's my sale that you just inquired about on eBay, if I am not mistaken. I actually came to SF here to search on a better answer after I responded to you. The answer above makes sense, as I pick up lots of local HF suits due to the presence of the factory in the city. My perception has been that they predate the Canterbury & Boardroom models but are of similar quality. Let me know if you want to work something out through here...
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