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I got 1099-K'd as well. Fortunately I keep a spreadsheet with Paypal costs, shipping costs, eBay fees, etc.
Too tight to make it work. Besides, the hope of finding something in my size keeps me going...
If it was a 54L you could have seen a picture of it hanging in my closet.
Here are a few recent finds from various states up and down the eastern seaboard. I have tons of new stuff but here are some of my favorites, basically....not including the Borrelli shirt I really need to photograph. Don't worry fellow Rochestarians, I don't think any of these were from here. Unfortunately none of these fit me, but I am thinking of trying out the 'new' SF B&S about which I whined a few pages back. Killer Aquascutum DB in about a 42 or so...possibly...
I was here longer than it shows as well.....I was here pre-crash.
I may start doing that but I have a phobia of the new B&S. Actually, it's probably not a phobia so much as I am protesting the new format. I didn't even use SF for like 4 months after they switched it over.
That's why I just have the torso with the wood piece at the top. Even if it comes to life the best it can do is hobble around on its base in which case the wooden top will fall off thus alerting me to the situation.
Others may chime in, but for me it's the photos. This needs a steaming, some lighting and a mannequinn. I can't see the fabric quality, color or pattern and would need to see the interior label (these give the customers a chubby, trust me...)
If time allows I will get us back on track with some of the finds from this week. My favorite was from a store I now call 'The Orphanage' - an orphaned Canali, Brioni and Oxxford (I think) jacket all on the same rack where they only had maybe 25 for sale. I went through the pants for an hour. At least they were patterns that could work as a sport coat.
Now I remember why I stopped posting in SF for the last few months. 500 Pseudo-intellectuals in a pissing match about how a f*cking thread should be structured, moderated, conducted and to what extent converations out of the originally intended scope should be tolerated. Sounds like fun. Catch you guys on eBay; there are more morons there but the morons are easy to please.
New Posts  All Forums: