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Because I beat you to them. Just kidding....sort of. I found 2 Oxxford orphans recently - one in Boston and one in PA. I don't know the locations of Oxxford retailers but that could certainly be a factor.
If you did leave them please provide GPS coordinates. To add to the advice above, I find that running the steamer over the hole left by the staple allows the fibers to swell, relax, or whatever the heck they do and the hole goes away. Unless it was abused you have to remember that it's not a hole, it's a disruption of the threads. You can typically get the threads to relax back to their intended position.
I found flat front Zanellas the other day.....I stared at them for a while wondering if they were fake.
I made a quick stop and was pleasantly surprised. In this area, this is a top-notch's a top notch dress shirt find for any region But is there anything better than a freshly laundered & pressed find that is numbered OUT OF FOUR???? The hunt is on.... And I have collected the full set. I think all are 41 (16) but I am unsure on length. They may fit me...
Watch out for the small hole on that blue Brooks Bros. with the 2 spots. I almost purchased it to clean and there is a small separation at one of the cables....can be fixed, I am sure. I like the tide stain pen for the stains...might start carrying one with me.
In order of preference:- sandpaper- buffing wheel attached to cordless drill- add a '1' to the front of the price - scribble it out- stick some dog sh*t on it to hide it. PM me for details on the dog sh*t; I have 2 pugs and an English Mastiff
Fine idea for others. Bad idea for you.
Interesting. So you mean this:
Zegna typically (always?) puts a drop on the tag if it's a suit, do they not?
Here are a few more of my recent finds from all around the Northeast. Corneliani DB suit Hickey Freeman w/ Loro Piana Super 130's Fabric...really nice and I wish this was a little larger (its 42L). There is some subtle plum coloration in there with the blue. Awesome. Anyon familiar with this tag? It's just a Brooks Bros., but I don't see a lot of 3-piece suits worth picking up Just a Gieves & Hawkes DB Blazer.......but........ When I wear it I feel like...
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