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I found flat front Zanellas the other day.....I stared at them for a while wondering if they were fake.
I made a quick stop and was pleasantly surprised. In this area, this is a top-notch find....it's a top notch dress shirt find for any region But is there anything better than a freshly laundered & pressed find that is numbered OUT OF FOUR???? The hunt is on.... And I have collected the full set. I think all are 41 (16) but I am unsure on length. They may fit me...
Watch out for the small hole on that blue Brooks Bros. with the 2 spots. I almost purchased it to clean and there is a small separation at one of the cables....can be fixed, I am sure. I like the tide stain pen for the stains...might start carrying one with me.
In order of preference:- sandpaper- buffing wheel attached to cordless drill- add a '1' to the front of the price - scribble it out- stick some dog sh*t on it to hide it. PM me for details on the dog sh*t; I have 2 pugs and an English Mastiff
Fine idea for others. Bad idea for you.
Interesting. So you mean this:
Zegna typically (always?) puts a drop on the tag if it's a suit, do they not?
Here are a few more of my recent finds from all around the Northeast. Corneliani DB suit Hickey Freeman w/ Loro Piana Super 130's Fabric...really nice and I wish this was a little larger (its 42L). There is some subtle plum coloration in there with the blue. Awesome. Anyon familiar with this tag? It's just a Brooks Bros., but I don't see a lot of 3-piece suits worth picking up Just a Gieves & Hawkes DB Blazer.......but........ When I wear it I feel like...
You should come out okay provided you show your costs and fees on your taxes....
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