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This speaks more about you than it does about the city, I'm afraid. He was correct about the prostitutes and drug dealers...
Agreed, though I have not been able to get the shoulders to look correct on a smaller torso either so I purchased a 42-44 sized torso in addition to my 36. The problem is that you NEED a small one or else you cannot show your smaller goods but I don't like how the larger goods look on it.
Better picture to redeem itself.
I believe it to be on par with the HF Collection line. Fully canvassed, etc. etc.
Yellow tag just ended (still continuing at some stores). These MIGHT get dropped 1 or 2 times by $10 per pop but will not likley see yellow tag for a few months. This one is currently looking at the inside of my trunk through the semi-opaque-blur of a plastic bag.
In recognition of the importance of pictures...
Check the size tag and see if it looks like this:Hickey Freeman makes their domestic product (and I find a lot).
My Marshalls had new Brioni and Kiton shirts for $99. Not a stellar price, but about the lowest I have seen. As for thrifting......I can't remember. A few bags of something not so noteworthy...
I wouldn't have believed it had I not experienced it for myself.
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