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A few weeks ago I found 3 Brioni and 1 Kiton shirt (pics are in this thread somewhere) but these were the first instances of finding this brand in the area in several hundred thrift store visits. They are clearly 'imports' to the region. Compare this to the high number of Hickey Freeman we find given the factory store is in the region...
This speaks more about you than it does about the city, I'm afraid. He was correct about the prostitutes and drug dealers...
Agreed, though I have not been able to get the shoulders to look correct on a smaller torso either so I purchased a 42-44 sized torso in addition to my 36. The problem is that you NEED a small one or else you cannot show your smaller goods but I don't like how the larger goods look on it.
Better picture to redeem itself.
I believe it to be on par with the HF Collection line. Fully canvassed, etc. etc.
Yellow tag just ended (still continuing at some stores). These MIGHT get dropped 1 or 2 times by $10 per pop but will not likley see yellow tag for a few months. This one is currently looking at the inside of my trunk through the semi-opaque-blur of a plastic bag.
In recognition of the importance of pictures...
Check the size tag and see if it looks like this:Hickey Freeman makes their domestic product (and I find a lot).
My Marshalls had new Brioni and Kiton shirts for $99. Not a stellar price, but about the lowest I have seen. As for thrifting......I can't remember. A few bags of something not so noteworthy...
I wouldn't have believed it had I not experienced it for myself.
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