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I don't know, but in the last 3 weeks I have thrifted 4 or 5 suits with that EZ cloth tag. All were very nice material and reasonably well made - canvassed, in some cases great shoulders, etc. I have never heard of any of the brands before. I wouldn't hesitate to keep them for myself and they do have eBay value due to the EZ name being used.
I have the exact same shirt (also thrifted). I had to have the side seams taken in but really like this shirt.
As with everything, it depends on the price. you have to pay A nice color HF suit should go in the $75 to $120 range depending on style, age, size, etc. The older tags with the X stitching are on the lower end of that range, or perhaps slightly under it. The black 'Hickey Freeman Collection' suits do rather well. I also beg to differ on their non-monetary value as I have 7 thrifted HF suits currently in rotation and love them. Then again I am into powerlifting and...
I am not sure if this was the case for him, but I have similar contact on items without a best offer option. This includes both auction style and BIN....
10-4; on the lookout. I saw that jacket there last week and have been looking for it as well. Since you pulled the trigger I will gladly hand them over if I come across them....
Don't get me started on Buffalo - worst thrifting city ever.
The nicest I have seen here were the Kiton/Brioni dress shirts I randomly only instances of items better than HF (save 1 Canali suit) in about 200 thrift store visits. This was sold in Cleveland but found in another city......big city though, so I'm not totally shocked.
It's a 44-46 (24" chest and 22" waist IIRC) and certainly is from Cleveland (Kilgour Trout) but this Trout was captured in a different stream than it's native habitat!
Possibly my favorite thrift fits me, but I will probably take it to the 'Bay with a high BIN/OBO. Don't worry Grendel - this was not thrifted locally.... [[SPOILER]]
Went thrifting during a business trip last week; out of town thrifting is always fun. Usually the first thing I do upon entering a store is look for the sale color scheme as I head to the racks. This nice, simple and easy to remember color scheme was my favorite of the week:
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