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Went thrifting during a business trip last week; out of town thrifting is always fun. Usually the first thing I do upon entering a store is look for the sale color scheme as I head to the racks. This nice, simple and easy to remember color scheme was my favorite of the week:
When proposing theories it is important to remember the cost to produce 100 Kiton or Brioni labels.
- Some people posted some decent finds- Others went into conversation that wasn't strictly 'bragging about thrift finds'- Some self-proclaimed forum police drafted their declaration of thread-independance; covering the proper use of the thread and proposing 8 sister threads and 2 new forums- 2 or 3 noobs posted some christian dior ties and wanted to know if they were any good- 17 jokes regarding christian dior ties were made- darkmatter7 posted finds that confirm he has...
Found a heap of mint condition suits and sport coats from one donor......really nice stuff (some a little crazy in color, some not) but waaaay too small for me. These are probably 38-41 or something - the problem is that they are Adrian Jules which is pretty much unflippable. No good to me (due to fit) nor useful on eBay, but if you're local and like DB suits PM me...
I found a brand new with tag Hickey Freeman Collection _________________ shirt. I need help filling the blanks, is this a tuxedo shirt of sort? It's available as it's a little large for me if you are in the market for a ________________ shirt.
They are Church's. You can tell by:- the imprint inside of the shoe- the style and shape of the stitching on the sole- the size marking on the sole
It is Hickey Freeman; you are correct. The inner tag for the HF-made G&H is pretty much identical to the inner HF tags. Sometimes they even stitch a small 'G&H" on the left side of the inner liner where HF sews the 'HF'.
I have bad news for you; those are corrected grain or 'polished cobbler. I have literally bought and sold 100's of unmarked shell shoes on eBay and can tell from a mile away. Tell tale indicators:- the model # (there is a listing somewhere)- the shade (their shell is more burgundy, their calf more 'plum' and corrected grain this true red color- the eyelets. Shell is thick and you will see a concave flow to the opening where here you see the basic 'punch out' of...
I like to use the tyvek envelopes, fold over in half for extra rigidity and slide it into a 13x19" poly enelope off of eBay.
I made two stops that were decent:Stop 1: HF suit and 5 or 6 HF Sport coats or orphans. Nothing phenomenal nor in my size, unfortunately. Middlin' stuff that will head to the Bay.Stop 2:What I kept:3 Talbott Estate Bespoke dress shirts in my size (16x35 ish) WOOHOO - the two patterned shirts are staying with me but the wonderful white twill is available as the collar is a little too big when buttoned all the way up for my pea-sized head...the others I can wear sans tie. ...
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