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I passed on a pair of AE Sanfords in black and very nice condition at $7.99 last night on the way to hockey............size? 5.5D.
I recently wandered into a place that had crazy prices like this and sort of involuntary let out an audible 'geeeez!' right next to the Manager. He walked a few steps towards me and asked "nice suits, aren't they?" to which I responded "Yes, have you sold one yet?" He didn't appreciate that....
I've been out of town a lot (Grendel can thank me later) and have picked up more inventory than I care to state. There is a lot of Misc. eBay fodder (Boss, Brooks Bros.) but I thought I would brag about a few of the nicer or more interesting items. I do flip (with my Wife) to support my kids so I usually don't trade but I could work out a hook-up price if you totally loved something...I haven't photographed suits yet (6 or 7 Samuelsohns, etc. etc.), or dress shirts (some...
Yes, if you exceed a certain volume of sales you will receive a 1099-K from Paypal/eBay and even if not you should note this on your taxes. I did receive a 1099-K last year and will this year as well...
Rookie. You throw your thrift finds into your bag in the backseat of your car immediately and when it is full and you still have 6 stores left to hit you thrift an additional bag to fill...
My Coach bag gets waaaay worse than this and a little leather cleaner followed by a nice application of conditioner is all that is required. The color should come back nicely and consider any variation beyond that patina.
I don't know, but I too found a H&S shirt with thick MOP buttons and it is quite nice!
That's what I figured based on the photos. If I have time I will pick them up today and will either proxy to a thread member or sell if no one is interested. If these fit anyone and you desperately want them let me know and I will try to swing by.....it is across from Starbucks, after all.
I don't know, but in the last 3 weeks I have thrifted 4 or 5 suits with that EZ cloth tag. All were very nice material and reasonably well made - canvassed, in some cases great shoulders, etc. I have never heard of any of the brands before. I wouldn't hesitate to keep them for myself and they do have eBay value due to the EZ name being used.
I have the exact same shirt (also thrifted). I had to have the side seams taken in but really like this shirt.
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