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My best buys lately have been some nice costumes that fit my kids for $3-5. For anyone with little ones I highly recommend thrifting a ton of costumes for them to play dress up throughout the year; I was really happy that I did that last year and plan to do it again this year.
You won't see that sale here in Upstate NY!!!They charge double for those items........
I haven't thrifted (as) much lately...I have so much inventory and so little motivation to move it with Summer and all...I did find these Florsheims in near mint condition but am not certain on the species. Any guesses? [[SPOILER]]
This is killing me....when I was still buying diapers for the kids I partook in the crazy drug store deals going on at the time. In a typical Sunday I could bring home $500 of goods for $10 OOP. One of the common items where you actually made money was excedrin....no joke, I had 100 bottles stockpiled until we donated, gave them away, threw a few out, etc. I checked the old storage shelves to find only a few Excedrin PM....perhaps I can double up the dosage and drown my...
I really like that blue one...that's the great thing about thrifting: many of my favorite finds are random items like this.
I am glad to see that you picked that one up....I saw it and thought it was a really nice piece. Did you see the Harris Tweed overcoat they also had or was that gone by now?
I probably have 30 - 40 Harris Tweed jackets in the basement waiting for the fall but this was my first hat.. Is there a name for this type of hat?
I ran this through Google translate: eBay to English:Hello,I just received the suit. It does not fit me well. Additionally my Wife yelled at me for the purchase as I wasn't supposed to spend this much on a suit. I assume that you will be allowing me to return this item because if you don't I will not only leave negative feedback but will also file a SNAD claim which I am certain to win. Please let me know your intentionsI get one or two of these per week and consider them...
Lately I feel like I could list a $20 bill and would happy to get $10 for it. Seasonality or a dip in the 'market'?
New Posts  All Forums: