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NWOT and MINE. Pendleton typically doesn't appeal to me but my Wife convinced me to try this on and I really like it. [[SPOILER]]
They had these packs at the Pittsford Marshalls from time to time. $10.
Lol - I know the exact store you are talking about.
Ya, it's been slow here. I did find a Canali and a Barbera dress shirt today and the Barbera fits me quite nicely. It's funny how it only takes one item to make a trip a success sometimes...
I recently sold the same shirt I thrifted some time ago. I think it did rather well on eBay....$36 before shipping.
What size? I have a few in the 41 to 44 range (including heavy flannel) i haven't listed that I've held for like 9 moths....Gray pinstripe and maybe a solid...possibly a few others. PM me if you are in the size range.
Glad you liked it; that thing was too nice for eBay.
Found a HF Collection suit and sport coat on Friday.....that's about it. Either Mox has it all or things are pretty dry.
I have thrifted many thousand items over the last few years and in many cities across the US. So anytime that I thrift a new item on my scavenger hunt list it's a good day. I had an appt. that brough me across town and during a few down minutes I stopped in quickly to check two items off of my list. One decent and one had me floored... I have thrifted dozens of G&H suits (one today, even) and sport coats made in the US by HF but today was my first made in the UK (small...
The clock is ticking on it, but I still prefer:
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