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I recently found a nice brown Jaeger suit that was clearly produced by Hickey Freeman.....that's really all that I can add to this conversation.
These things are coming out of the woodwork. I just listed the possibly-new 42 that I found on Friday.
I would be curious to hear if this is, in fact, illegal. The VOAs near me have signs that state they reserve the right to not sell items that they beleive were mis-priced.Adam
An after work stop was rather successful but with your typical eBay fodder and little for myself save one suit. This A-2 Willis & Geiger jacket, however, was a first for me and at this stage a new first is always exciting. Coming to an online auction site near you....this thing is in absolutely amazing condition. I had to spend a good 5 minutes with it to figure out if it was worn or not. [[SPOILER]]
These are definitely shell - 100% positive. They should shine up really nice - I have flipped 100's of Florsheims from that era and it never ceases to amaze me how well they can be restored. I like to use a *gasp* cheap drug store cordovan polish because it has lots of solvents in it....apply VERY sparingly and rub like hell. It will get any gunk and polish the prior owner used right off of the shoes. Then buff those babies until your arms can't move anymore and they...
Gorgeous tie. Does that make the dimple a camel toe?
One of my favorite thrifts ever....true vintage sweater for my 6 year old Son.....taken with a potato-camera, apparently.
Ya, my Wife isn't going in the basement right now......kinda freaky down there.
$3 I think. In a frame along with some other rare stuff such as the Batman poster you see underneath. Framed the Mcguiness and hung it in my sons room and will sell the 3 or 4 other items from the frame.They needed to get rid of them at a store that was closing and the Manager basically gave me 13 for the price of 1. I bought one for myself (my Wife gathers Women's goods to sell) and then the rest I will flip.
Lots of the usual stuff lately.......but then there are the more interesting finds.Some signed superhero artwork for my Son [[SPOILER]] A new washing machine for my Wife....was only $2!! Here it is on display in the laundry room: [[SPOILER]] And most importantly, 13 headless female torsos. Some are availalable: [[SPOILER]]
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