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Close. Thrifted a pair of Hanovers in black just yesterday. 9D
Thanks man, been busy but haven't stopped thrifting. It's amazing the things that have gone through this house....
Thank you...that was a fantastic read. Now I want to either quit my day job and revive the brand or, at the very least, keep these boots in their unworn fashion as a constant reminder of the greatness of American ingenuity and manufacturing. Between these and the high quality Tuczek shoes I sold a few years ago I might be able to open a shoe museum!
Thank you, I just checked. Made in the USA.
Okay, I guess pics or it didn't happen.
I stopped a few places - some nice suits, a tie, an overcoat....the usual fare. One item really baffles me, however: NWT Willis & Geiger Leather Hiking Boots w/ Vibram Sole, Metal Eyelets, Thinsulate and other features When did they stop making these boots? Any ideas? I am headed to eBay with them but, in all honesty, have NO clue what they are worth. First time that has happened to me with something. They are amazing....I will try to add pictures.
I just had to pick up this Brioni.....I don't know what I will do with it but it was simply too fantastic to leave behind. This is the most vintage-y vintage thrift i have ever thrifted. [[SPOILER]]
I recently found a nice brown Jaeger suit that was clearly produced by Hickey Freeman.....that's really all that I can add to this conversation.
These things are coming out of the woodwork. I just listed the possibly-new 42 that I found on Friday.
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