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Here is a recent picture of my suit by J. Rotin :
Good question. I think so but I'm not sure, as I live in the EU I didn't ask them...
Here is another one which was brought from Napoli by a friend. You can see the difference between a lined 6 folds (this one) and unlined 7 folds (previous picture)
I know I haven't been around for a long time, let me try again:
Here's a couple of pictures of my last Cappelli tie: Also got it from Zampa di Gallina (which apparently offered a 30% discount on EG Cappelli this weekend: )
No, but you can try via other websites, like Exquisite trimmings, or ZampaDiGallina (currently having sales on talarico umbrellas)
Probably that, I think French tailoring is also in the shadow of its feminine counterpart, the Haute Couture. Besides I don't think there are mega-famous French brands that could be "ambassadors" of French style (like RL for the US, Armani for Italy, etc.)...However, French tailoring, and more generally French "menswear" is quite renown amongst former colonies in Africa. For example, many Presidents/rulers have their suits made by Parisian tailors.
I don't have it right now, I'll check when possible. I think the stripes are 1mm wide and spaced by a little less than 1cm.Ahem, I've been modestly trying (mostly with bad smartphone pictures) But yes that's the interest of this thread, French tailors don't really communicate online and, since we don't have a French pitti (I mean with the same coverage), there's no French style hype, like there has been for the South Italian style, but maybe that's for the best...
Sounds impressive indeed! I would love to see that, because I am not a fan of some of his lapels (from what I saw on his facebook page).
Mafoofan, I don't believe the fishmouth lapel is part of the current Cifonelli signature.I started a thread about her a few months ago :
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