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youre in canada? where was this?
I'ts a pretty cool brand from what I've seen, as everyone said, really popular for their Sno Pants. They really up on the camo design, and have some nice hoodies. But it's pretty expensive..
haha, thanks :P yeah, it should fit, I found a thread about Yoko tee's. I ordered the Bentley tee in red/orange
I think I may have ordered the t-shirt too small. i got a size small, im about 5`10, only about 135 pounds though, do you think it will fit?
ooh, theyre going to call me so excited hehe any sweaters, or jackets left? probably looking for a small edit: picked up a pair of pants and the tee i wanted I wish I called in earlier with all the great stuff you guys got. I didnt understand if they had both grey and pink blazers, I thought I heard just pink. If anyone picks up a grey blazer, post it on here, ill add it to my order tomorrow
I'm interested in that cardigan too, anyone else pick up anything interesting? I would like to know what to look for before I give a call
Does that mean that Ralph Lauren will be discounted at the Bay? I'm going into Toronto next week and wouldn't mind stopping off at the flagship downtown if that's the case to pick up some polos and sweaters. It's a shame about Holt Renfrew and the prices going up, especially because doesn't ship to Canada.
I recently bought a polo, and am finding that its too wide at the bottom, I'm a skinny guy so it looks like the polo is just hanging off me. Is it possible to get it taken in by a tailor, and can it be done by hand? I took measurements of the polo and it definitely does come out over an inch from the pits. I want it straight, or maybe closing off the tails, though I don't think it would do much. I read on another post that it can be done. Has anyone got it done, or know...
I think Browns might carry Kiwis, and they should be in the Eatons Centre. There must be another location downtown too.
This may be the pair of wide leg jeans I've been looking for. Anyone have experience with this model, or how they fit? Also, what season are they from and are they worth the price? Leg Slash PDCs[/url] If link doesnt work try
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