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As I bumped it they responded via PM. Sorry for bumping
A couple of questions regarding the sale items: 1. Would you consider the Uetam last a more dressy or more casual last? I am looking for a more dressy loafer to wear at the office so I don't want it to be too casual. 2. Am I correct that if I am a 7.5 on the rain last I should jump up to an 8 for Uetam? 3. How do I take advantage of the sale? I don't see it up on your website. Thank you.
What is the sizing comparison on the uetam last? I am a 7.5 on the rain last.
Yeah, me too. I would be all in...
Pretty sure Steve told me in a PM that the burnishing is standard on Carmina's chestnut. He can confirm...
Are there pictures up on your site of this suede? I admit that I was thinking calf but I am open to consider other options.
I am interested since the originals turned out amazing (wish we could get the cordovan again). But, I would really only be interested in something pretty mainstream.
Posted this over in the GF thread but thought I would add here as well. Here is a pic of the new 976 scotch grain boots. These boots are amazingly comfortable right out of the box.
Here are the 976 scotch grains in the proverbial office wild. Sorry for the office carpet. These boots could not be more comfortable and I think they look awesome. Thanks Steve.
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