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Thanks to both of you.
Does EG still make belts? If yes, why are they so hard to find?
Did this ever get answered?
I absolutely love the look of the patina version but I just don't know what I would do with it. Heck, it would be so striking that I would want to put it in a display case and never wear it; but, that might actually be part of my hesitancy as well.
You guys are just rubbing salt in my open Uwing wound...
Thank you sir. Those do look good.
Not to dampen any spirits but I would put me in the maybe category. I need to find some "in the wild" pictures of the Carmina burgundy as I am having mixed feelings at the moment.
Pretty sure the single versus double comparison was in this thread a while back and difference was virtually negligible.
Slightly confused. Does your post mean the U Wing looking just like the second shoe?
I am also interested in this, more so than suede. Need more details but am definitely interested.
New Posts  All Forums: