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Nice. I drove by an out of way local store yesterday and found a bottle of 2009 birthday bourbon. $40. Original retail price.
Thanks but what I really mean is are we allowed to talk price in stores. I don't have a grasp yet on what is considered a reasonable markup for some of these harder to find bottles and I was curious if this was a topic that was permitted here.
Thanks guys. Are we allowed to talk price in here?
I know this is a question with a low probability for success but I will ask it anyways. Does anyone know whether there are any places out there where I could pick up a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition? Thanks.
Really hard to resist those jumpers.
How does everyone get all of this van winkle? People on here make it sound easy.
Did anything come of this? Depending on details I would likely be interested in this as well.
I really like chestnut but was thinking it might look good on the DG70 last.
[quote G&G Woburn. .[/quote] Really wish these were in an F width. I am going to have to mto this shoe at some point.
Still pushing for forest or uetam as far as my interest.
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