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Anyone have a pair of the Carlyle? That model in vintage chestnut has been on my mind lately. They have this as a stock model but I was thinking of asking for a little patina and silver buckles. Anyone have something similar?
Alright everyone, how do G&G Chelsea's fit? I am an F width for G&G oxfords and could probably do an E in an open laced shoe (I have an F width Isham and could probably pull off an E). . How do Chelsea's fit? Can I pull the trigger with an E width?
Just received notice these landed at Skoak. The usual awesome customer service from Gabriel. Thanks guys.
Received notice that my black Cambridge's landed at Skoak. First black shoe I have purchased in a long long time.
Where is that sale?
Celebrating becomg a shareholder at work today. I know this doesn't get as good of press as the 18 but this was damn good.
Okay. I think you are conveying that keepers are out. I will respect that but it helps me to have the keeper and be able to use it as needed.
I know it sounds crazy but I work in a fairly conservative area where they look funny at the skinny part being askew. I will have to ask because those hopsack ties are catching my eye.
Wore my first Vanda tie today. Beautiful tie with a great knot. One question, do all Vanda ties not have a keeper? I have to admit that I prefer a keeper.
Never had that happen after many more than five wears.
New Posts  All Forums: