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Crimson, that is some pretty neat cloth. I would love to have some trousers in the light grey with faint blue windowpane overcheck.
Split toe loafer looks awesome. Picture makes it look like a home run. Can't wait for mine to get here.
I am in for at least two, maybe more
Unfortunately, I need it in F width and they stock in E.
What is the fitting like on the blue gingham Formicola shirt?
Agree whole heartedly with this. There are one or two purchases I would not have made if I could go back and a sizing error I would correct if I knew better. After jumping feet first () into the high end shoe market with purchases across carmina (I know it is not on level with others) G&G, and EG, I have discovered that G&G just fit m better but in an F width and I tend towards their styling. Now, I have both an EG Dover and Adderly that I absolutely love and would...
For the split toe suede loafer for which I think everyone else is receiving invoices. Maybe I am wrong...
Hard to be patient waiting on my invoice...
Thinking hard on this one.
Agreed. Would be very nice to have these types of post in a special spot. One thing that caught my eye in reading this was to avoid steaming. Does that mean one should not use steam from a shower or a steamer to remove travel based wrinkles?
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