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I think I may have confused the issue. My post above mixed the UK measurement and my US measurement. I am a UK 7.5 and am curious if the UK 7F Pytchley would work?
Any chance the AS Pytchley in 7f would fit a US 8.5? I am a standard width. I am looking for a light colored derby and this might fit the bill.
How do Alfred Sargents typically fit? I recently ordered a UK 7.5 in the C&J Waltons whcih fits well length wise but is just a little tight width wise. How do the Alfred Sargent's compare fit wise?
I think it must be a cultural thing because I would never wear a white shirt without an undershirt...
Curious to know who is going to make the suit for you in South Florida? Does Miami or surrounding area have a tailor comparable to the northeast cities or Chicago? I never see any discussions. How about for shirts?
I wanted to give everyone an update that the Crockett and Jones Waltons arrived today and indeed are gorgeous. I have no doubt that I am going to get a lot of interest when I wear these. In a perfect world these might be a tad wider but I think they will be fine. Julian and A Fine Pair of Shoes got these here exceedingly fast and in great shape. I would highly recommend buying from them! Thanks Julian.
Pm sent.
Just ordered a pair of the Crocket & Jones Waltons. Definitely outside of my typical style but the shoes are gorgeous and the price seems great. I am a small US 8.5 so I am hoping they fit. Looking forward to getting them.
Pictures of brown version as well. Thank you.
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