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Yeah, this is a bummer. still don't know how this happened. I have two boots, one with and one without speed hooks and the boots with speed hooks are so much easier to use.
Really wish I could attend this. I need some sport coats and these ring jackets look amazing.
Getting ready to place my first order with Ed. Looking forward to dialing in the fit.
Happy to say I wore my carmina tobacco split toe loafers again today and they are simply awesome. Comfortable and stunning. Highly recommend them.
I agree with dddress. I appreciate that the color is out of Skoak's hands and the boot will still be fine. I wanted it lighter but I can live with it. Personally, I am disappointed by the lack of speed hooks. Did they just forget them? But, more importantly, I would still like to see more G&G preorders rather than less. I believe the MH 71 in F width is my best shoe and I need preorders or GMTOs to make it happen without an upcharge.
I am sure some people rip their laces but I agree with you. I love speed hooks and was thrilled when the pre order called for them
Didn't catch the speed hooks. That sucks because I much prefer the speed hooks versus eyelets. Love my boots that have speed hooks.
I had the same "that appears pretty dark" moment myself. Wonder if it was the picture? Does not really matter to me but I noticed it.
Thank you. Anyone have any suggestions on material to use for my first pair of MTO pants. These will be used to dial in the fitting so I figure I don't want to go off the deep end in price. I was looking for these to be a light to mid grey. Minnis Fresco jumped to mind but I wonder if that is overkill for the "dial in pair" of trousers.
Thanks. But, no difference in material type? Like some fabrics are acceptable for sport coats but not for trousers? Not from a style perspective but from the perspective of certain materials don't make trousers well.
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