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Wearing those cambridges right now. Awesome shoes.
Agreed. I want one and am a big four roses fan but I won't pay what the secondary market wants. I will try to find a bottle at retail or pass.
Need to find a bottle.
Having the same problem as stevel91, the blue steel chinos as very tight in the thigh and butt. I have two other rivet chinos in the same size that fit fine. These are really tight.
Agree. Hober all the way. Any chance we are going to see some lighter color grenadines or other lighter material in the Hober line up soon? My wife likes light color ties and I want to run with it.
Still holding out for the cognac shell U wings.
Anyone have a pair of the Carlyle? That model in vintage chestnut has been on my mind lately. They have this as a stock model but I was thinking of asking for a little patina and silver buckles. Anyone have something similar?
Alright everyone, how do G&G Chelsea's fit? I am an F width for G&G oxfords and could probably do an E in an open laced shoe (I have an F width Isham and could probably pull off an E). . How do Chelsea's fit? Can I pull the trigger with an E width?
Just received notice these landed at Skoak. The usual awesome customer service from Gabriel. Thanks guys.
Received notice that my black Cambridge's landed at Skoak. First black shoe I have purchased in a long long time.
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