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Just finished a bottle of OESK. Really good stuff
I agree. Looking at the Kensington as my next purchase.
Showing my ignorance but what is the "thistle"?
Agreed. I really like the Woburn more than the sandringham. More elegant which makes it more usable for me.
At some point I am going to move forward with a Woburn MTO in chestnut. It's just awesome.
Anyone else drinking the Russels reserve single barrel small batch? This is probably my favorite right now. 110 proof but is so smooth.
I would likely be in for this. Lafeur and I have been discussing this for a while although I am not sure he is interested in Chestnut.
Holding out for cognac shell Cordavan u wings
Anyone know any online stores with the EH Taylor cured oak bourbon? Can't find the stuff so far where I live in Florida and I would like to grab a bottle. Or,if anyone has access to a bottle of this locally, would anyone be willing to pick one up and ship it to me?
Nice. I drove by an out of way local store yesterday and found a bottle of 2009 birthday bourbon. $40. Original retail price.
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