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I finally found some time to take some pictures of my first ever Enzo Bonafe MTO. 3200 MOD on the 946 last in Vitello Giamaica. Thanks to Skoak for all of their help with these.
Very tempted on the EB Oxford. Am I right that the major difference between the 804 last and the last currently on Skoak is that the 804 is less chiseled and perhaps more elongated? Maybe more pointy is a better description?
Is the 804 version the model in those pictures?
Is it easier to ship an entire six pack? I may be able to get a couple guys in the office to take a bottle.
I am in for two.
Received word that my first Enzo Bonafe mto is on its way.
Owa? Old Weller?
Thanks Tyler. I actually ordered a pair a while back and am pleased.
For what it is worth, I like the shoes.
Any pictures of dark cognac cordovan? I really like the color pictured earlier in the thread.
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