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Are there any trustworthy places I can get these RO sneakers in a size 41?
On the Glow in the Dark Stretch denim, does the coating rub off like the indigo on raw denim? If I wear a belt, is that glow in the dark stuff going to get on it?
Tried on the Wings + Horns Westpoint chinos, but I have a concern on how they should fit. I tried on a 30 and a 29. I've never bought a pair of chinos before, so I have no experience whatsoever. The 29s fit pretty good, and but are a tad snug on the waist. The 30s are more loose all around. I like the fit on the 29s best standing up, they're slim and they look perfect. The 30s sort of feel a touch baggy almost. My problem is sitting down. On the 29s they feel...
That's what I was thinking at least.
Does anybody have any fit pics on the DBSS Ponyhairs?
What do you guys think of the new Ann D's?
Yeah, I tried a pair of the clear sole ones from last summer. These in particular.They are made of very cheap quality material I find. That plastic type material on the top of the toe box felt like it could be punctured pretty easily.
What is the sizing like on the N&F x Oni denim? Do I size down one or two like I normally would with the Weird Guy fit? I've never had a pair of unsanforized raw denim before, so I'm unsure about this.
What's the sizing on them like mate?If I'm a 41 in Balenciaga, and an 8 in Lanvin, what would I be in Rick Owens?
Aside from Scott Disick I think David Beckham is one of the best dressed male celebrities.
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