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Hmmm! Alright, sounds good. Cheers lads! I will go with the 42s I think then.
Yeah, those are dope mate! Hmmm, yeah 41 might be a bit too small then. 43 might be a bit big!Cheers mate!!
How do the SLP Chelseas fit? I am usually a size 42, and Size 41 in CP.
I have three Nike Everton shirts, and honestly I'd say they fit TTS for the most part mate!
It varies from season to season to be honest. The 15.5cms from F/W13 fit pretty snugly around the calves and around the waist, but they stretch an appropriate amount where it's not uncomfortable. The 15.5cms from S/S14 are a bit looser I find. The destroyed denim this season appears to be 15cm, although I wouldn't be surprised if they're actually 14.5cm like the previous ones. I'd almost say size up one, but if they're anything like last seasons, then I think TTS is fine...
I agree. I wish I would have got the Holo Spaces to be honest.
SSense just has the 15.5cms I thought?
Are there any other places where I can get the Nike tech fleece pants? I don't think NIKE.com ships to Canada unfortunately.
Honestly, I'd say go TTS mate. The toe box is a bit roomy on them, but I'm not sure I'd size down.
I find that the 15.5 cms from S/S 14 are a tad bit looser than the ones from F/W 13. Especially in the waist/top block. That being said, I'd still go TTS to be honest.
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