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Yeah, it's definitely comfortable. There isn't anywhere where it's uncomfortable or anything. It's just a bit snug in the chest and where the armpits are for me for the most part. I could still maybe get a thin sweater/cardigan in if I really wanted to, but then it would definitely be a bit tighter around the armpits, etc.That's a good point. Sorry about that! Here are some better pictures in better light!
So today I got my Intarsia today in size 48 in and I have a few questions. How tight is it supposed to fit? Right now it definitely a bit snug, but not uncomfortable. I don't think I have much room to grow in it though. Also, the leather seems quite supple. How much, if any will it stretch? As of right now, I have the option of going one size larger and I'm not too sure if I should.
What is the sizing on Rick Owens leather jackets like? I'm thinking of getting the Intarsia, and usually I'm a small in most things. Just looking at the measurements on the 46/Small on SSense, it definitely seems a bit small for me even! http://www.ssense.com/men/product/rick_owens/black_leather_high-neck_intarsia_jacket/78149
Which of these leather jackets is better? This http://www.ssense.com/men/product/rick_owens/black_leather_high-neck_intarsia_jacket/78149 or http://www.ssense.com/men/product/rick_owens/black_leather_asymmetric_mollino_jacket/78152
How do the Balenciaga Pleated Sneakers fit? Are they one size big like the Arenas?
So what is the sizing like on the Rick Owens Geobasket sneakers? Some people have been telling me they fit half a size big, other people are saying they fit true to size. If I'm an 7 in Lanvin, a 41 in Balenciaga, and a 9 in Converse, what should I go with for RO?
What is the fit on Ann D sneakers like? Do they generally fit true to size?
Yeah, only 42 on SSense as well unfortunately! If they run a half size bigger, than I don't think 42 will work haha!
Are there any trustworthy places I can get these RO sneakers in a size 41?
On the Glow in the Dark Stretch denim, does the coating rub off like the indigo on raw denim? If I wear a belt, is that glow in the dark stuff going to get on it?
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