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That is pretty incredible hahaha!
The only one I have noticed particularly shallow pockets on is the biker denim from this season. A/W 13 definitely has the most deep pockets though IMO.
It's very rare that you're going to be able to buy an off the rack suit that fits perfectly. Buy the 46 and get it tailored.
What the hell?! Those look better than mine did!
Yeah mate, they are definitely pretty disappointing. I am pretty sure they're going back.I forgot to post it, but here is a more close up pic. They're definitely not as destroyed as they initially appeared to be on LVR, Barney's, etc with the sample shots.The sample pics look so much better.The thing is, all of the other one turning up on Ebay, etc, look similar as well...
So the A/W 14 D02 Destroyed Denim in Blue finally came in from LVR. I initially was thinking they were supposed to be a bit tighter as the previous destroyed denim are, but I find overall they are fairly loose compared to other D02/15.5cm SLP denim in the same size. Other 15.5cm SLP denim I have and have tried on are quite a bit more snug. I almost feel like I should be sizing down one or two. My very first pair of S/S 13 15.5cms, Size 30, which are a lot more...
Yes, they're definitely sanforized mate!
Does anybody know when this season's destroyed denim is going to hit the stores? It seems like it's been months since it was first available for pre-order.
I have yet to wash any of them, but someone I know washed their pair in the washing machine and they turned out fine. That being said, they were just the plain black pair. Something like the destroyed denim, I'd probably treat differently.
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