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Yes, they're definitely sanforized mate!
Does anybody know when this season's destroyed denim is going to hit the stores? It seems like it's been months since it was first available for pre-order.
I have yet to wash any of them, but someone I know washed their pair in the washing machine and they turned out fine. That being said, they were just the plain black pair. Something like the destroyed denim, I'd probably treat differently.
Definitely dry clean it mate. Can't stress it enough to be honest.
Definitely size down one.
Prior season crash and destroyed denim is 14.5 cm if I'm not mistaken. The general opinion is that they fit pretty snug overall.Current season crash and destroyed is 15cm so once again it will fit snugly. The plain black 15.5cm and even the current 15 cm biker denim I find fits more loosely than the other SLP denim in the same cut. You could stay TTS, although the denim will be a bit more tight than your 15.5s.In the black 15.5s I find I have to size down one to be fair.
Yeah the Vegas one had the RT white lows as well
They are slightly skinnier. That being said the FW 13 15.5cms still feel the tightest IMO.
I find Dior Homme denim stretches a lot. I think you'd be safe to go one down.
I'd go with A. The jeans will stretch slightly. After about a week or two, they won't be as tight but still snug. At the end of the day you should go with what you feel comfortable with though mate.I find that it's true. Those grey ripped ones from last season fit fairly snug although slightly loose around the top block at size 30. On the other hand, SS/14 black stretch denim was too loose at the top block in size 30. The blue faded pair from A/W 13 are really snug in that...
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