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If I'm a size 30 in Dior 19 and 17.5 cm, would I be a size 30 in SLP as well? I've heard from some people that I may have to size up one to 31. Anybody have any experience?
Geobaskets fit TTS for the most part! mate!
Yeah, I think I could definitely fight a lighter knit under there. I think that is exactly it though, I'm just not used to the slimmer fit of the jacket.I'm definitely keeping it! Thanks again for all of your help mate!!!
Yeah, I definitely see what you mean mate! Overall I'm pleased with the fit, but if you have shorter arms then it definitely makes it a bit harder I can imagine. How did the rest of the jacket fit with the Bauhaus cut at size 50?hahaha! I intended for it to be that way mate! :P
I think the different jackets have slightly different fits with RO, but I'd size one up at least if I were you mate! The one I just got was sized up one from what I normally go with.
The arm holes aren't uncomfortable or anything, they're just tighter than I'm used to with a jacket. Same with the chest area. I don't think I actually have any jackets right now with really high arm holes to be honest, but as I put it on more and more, I definitely am getting a lot more used to it.It's definitely a bigger purchase, so I just wanted to make sure. I'm definitely going to hang on to the size 48 then I think. Cheers everyone for all of your input!!!
Yeah, it's definitely comfortable. There isn't anywhere where it's uncomfortable or anything. It's just a bit snug in the chest and where the armpits are for me for the most part. I could still maybe get a thin sweater/cardigan in if I really wanted to, but then it would definitely be a bit tighter around the armpits, etc.That's a good point. Sorry about that! Here are some better pictures in better light!
So today I got my Intarsia today in size 48 in and I have a few questions. How tight is it supposed to fit? Right now it definitely a bit snug, but not uncomfortable. I don't think I have much room to grow in it though. Also, the leather seems quite supple. How much, if any will it stretch? As of right now, I have the option of going one size larger and I'm not too sure if I should.
What is the sizing on Rick Owens leather jackets like? I'm thinking of getting the Intarsia, and usually I'm a small in most things. Just looking at the measurements on the 46/Small on SSense, it definitely seems a bit small for me even! http://www.ssense.com/men/product/rick_owens/black_leather_high-neck_intarsia_jacket/78149
Which of these leather jackets is better? This http://www.ssense.com/men/product/rick_owens/black_leather_high-neck_intarsia_jacket/78149 or http://www.ssense.com/men/product/rick_owens/black_leather_asymmetric_mollino_jacket/78152
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