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I was wondering this as well. I ordered something last week, and I got a tracking number for Pitney Bowes and it doesn't work. The UPS tracking numbers were always very reliable!
John Elliot & Co.
How do the Wyatt Chelseas fit? TTS?
Are the silk blend t-shirts dry clean only?
Size down 1 mate!!
They're three inches longer than the regular mercer tees aren't they? v
The SLP denim from the last two seasons fit a bit larger, especially in the top block. I had to size down one on the destroyed denim for it to fit correctly.
Are these Kiton ties legitimate? I don't think I've ever seen them this cheap before. Usually they're $350+. http://www.farfetch.com/ca/shopping/men/kiton-floral-print-tie-item-10647514.aspx?storeid=9274&ffref=lp_44_ EDIT: Nevermind. They're vintage and not new.
One of those users was me! :PI ended up sending them back, but I have seen other pairs since then and they are definitely more close to the ones on SSense than they were in the original sample/model pics on LVR, Barney's, etc.
Naw mate, those are pretty true to the actual pairs of destroyed denim this season. The distressing varies but those are pretty close.
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