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Does anybody have any fit pics on the DBSS Ponyhairs?
What do you guys think of the new Ann D's?
Yeah, I tried a pair of the clear sole ones from last summer. These in particular.They are made of very cheap quality material I find. That plastic type material on the top of the toe box felt like it could be punctured pretty easily.
What is the sizing like on the N&F x Oni denim? Do I size down one or two like I normally would with the Weird Guy fit? I've never had a pair of unsanforized raw denim before, so I'm unsure about this.
What's the sizing on them like mate?If I'm a 41 in Balenciaga, and an 8 in Lanvin, what would I be in Rick Owens?
Aside from Scott Disick I think David Beckham is one of the best dressed male celebrities.
It's not out of the question. When I was at Barney's in December, they had that exact pair for $350.
The painters are VERY light. They don't even really feel like jeans.
I really like these. I'd prefer the black and white ones though.
Well, I've only ever been to the Barney's in Las Vegas and really the store doesn't have the biggest selection of everything. Anytime I've been they've only had the MIJ 19cm black raw dior denim and that's it.
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