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I just want to confirm, these are the same jeans. Correct? The ones on LVR don't appear to have as many rips on the...
Does anybody know if they've brought back the destroyed denim at all this season? I can't seem to find it on any of the online stocklists aside from that light grey pair on Barney's and LVR.
Go TTS mate!!
They do stretch out mate! They're extremely uncomfortable and tight at first but they will stretch out a decent bit if you go true to size. They actually get pretty comfortable after a while and almost fit like a second skin after a while.
Anybody know if they'll be bringing back the destroyed denim this season, or if it is still available anywhere?
They actually do stretch and loosen a decent bit to be fair. Illithid Dude was right. After about a week and a half or so, they almost feel like a second skin or something. They are surprisingly comfortable after a while!
I'd almost say size up 1 based on my experience mate, but it's hard to say really. It depends on what you're comfortable with too!
Fair play mate! Yeah, I'm only making those comparisons because those are the slimmest jeans I have otherwise. Will they stretch a bit to the point where walking up the stairs will feel normal at least do you think??
So I ended up getting a pair of Saint Laurent Paris 15.5cm denim as a gift. I went with size 30, which is my regular size and mainly because the measurements seemed really similar to the Naked & Famous Super Skinny Guy stretch denim, which are by far my slimmest jeans. I was definitely wrong. While the waist and the thighs have a decent amount of room, it's the knees where they're super tight and a bit around the calves. I actually cannot bend my knees all the way back in...
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