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I'd go with A. The jeans will stretch slightly. After about a week or two, they won't be as tight but still snug. At the end of the day you should go with what you feel comfortable with though mate.I find that it's true. Those grey ripped ones from last season fit fairly snug although slightly loose around the top block at size 30. On the other hand, SS/14 black stretch denim was too loose at the top block in size 30. The blue faded pair from A/W 13 are really snug in that...
When do these drop mate?
Last year's I think were 15.5 or 16cm. This season, they're a 15cm hem I believe.
Wait, is all the pre-fall stuff released that late? LVR has it as Sept 30, Barney's has it at October. YSL.com has it listed as at July 15th. When is the collection actually coming out?
Hmmm! Alright, sounds good. Cheers lads! I will go with the 42s I think then.
Yeah, those are dope mate! Hmmm, yeah 41 might be a bit too small then. 43 might be a bit big!Cheers mate!!
How do the SLP Chelseas fit? I am usually a size 42, and Size 41 in CP.
I have three Nike Everton shirts, and honestly I'd say they fit TTS for the most part mate!
It varies from season to season to be honest. The 15.5cms from F/W13 fit pretty snugly around the calves and around the waist, but they stretch an appropriate amount where it's not uncomfortable. The 15.5cms from S/S14 are a bit looser I find. The destroyed denim this season appears to be 15cm, although I wouldn't be surprised if they're actually 14.5cm like the previous ones. I'd almost say size up one, but if they're anything like last seasons, then I think TTS is fine...
I agree. I wish I would have got the Holo Spaces to be honest.
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