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I'd say go TTS on them. I wouldn't size down more than 0.5 of a size.
They're both fakes. The leather patch on Hermes jeans is on the inside I want to think.
It's true, they literally sell out of every item on the website right way. On other websites, you can find a few pieces every now and then, but they don't last long.
These are definitely on the more recent side of things. Maybe last season, or one of the two before that at most. I want to think it's last season though.
It's definitely fairly overpriced IMO. I have never really been impressed with the quality of anything from Balmain to be honest. You can do better for cheaper. I'd say it's only worth it on discount, and that's only if you really really like that specific item.
Yep! I'd say sizing down one is perfect.
It seems like you're right. They don't usually restock at this hour, do they?
They're live but pretty selective.
Are there going to be any loopwheel villain crews?
The bomber is from the latest Fear of God LA collection I believe. The t-shirt is also Fear of God LA.http://shop.fearofgodla.com/collections/third-collection/products/bomber-1
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