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Is there going to be any restocks on the denim?
How does the sizing on the John Elliot denim compare to Saint Laurent?
Same size as my other JE bottoms, small!
The Engineered Pants aren't as bad as people are saying. My black waxed ones just came in. They do fit loose around the top block and the thighs, but they almost fit like the Fear of God LA black pants overall. The difference between these and the FOG pants is that these are loose around the waist and a bit more loose around the calves. I am tempted to keep them to be honest.
I'm a 41.5 to 42 in most shoes. Would I be able to go down to a size 41 in the Santiags?
That's sick!! Never seen a big guy pull off a JE fit that well. Well done mate!
Do Santaig boots fit TTS?
That zipper denim/leather pants look pretty awesome. Would love to see better pics of those!
Is the Clash Crew coming out this week?
RO is a brand that kind of has gone up and down over the last few years. F/W 14 has been pretty decent from what I've seen, as is S/S 15.
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