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Free shipping on these @ $500. Boots need some TLC. Comes with bags, no box. SZ 11D
Shipping varies by location and is not included. Shoe bags, no box. Basically near mint. Ask questions if you have 'em!
Shipping varies by location. Hampton last. Size 11.5 Shoes are basically unworn. Bags, no box. Always stored with trees. Ask questions if you have 'em!
Shipping rates will vary depending on country/location. I have the box and bags. Boots come with round laces. See pictures for condition. Ask questions if you have 'em.
pair of navy shell on the bay in a 7.5...
they're [chicago?] tan latigo. last is unknown to me.
And these are the two I was able to get. They're both pretty nice!
By the time I got there it was pretty picked over. Managed to get 2 pairs for members but there wasn't that much left. Hopefully they view it as a success and do it again.
I'm considering going back, I might be able to proxy for three people if the requests are easy. Send me a message in the next few minutes.
I think so.
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