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I agree and am not entirely sure if all blind eyelets would be practical for me, with regards to the harlechs
I'm probably interested in the Harlech. I don't know my size, I wear an 11 in the Lindrick and it's pretty snug, too snug really; I should size up to an 11.5 on those. My Alden TB/Barrie last size is an 11 as well and I don't have any other C&J to compare. Edited: clarity.
I'd REALLY like to get the Navy Shell boots. Hope I don't miss them.
how should I size for the 1035 last vs the 2030 or alden barrie/trubalance while you're at it? Alden trubalance 11/barrie 11, 2030 11. Thanks!
How's the fit on 1035 vs 2030? I know I vastly prefer the shape of 2030 but may be unable to resist #8.
I'm in for the jacket, $450.
I can proxy some chup socks (Jcrew?) to canada if you want, PM me. (sorry for the intrusions)
Can't say this very often because I've been lucky enough to get a lot of nice pairs but I am truly jealous of the Ravello Modified PTBoot; if anyone has one in a size 11 please let me know.
Unfortunately I cannot find my actual tapemeasure. IT seems like from heel to toe is around 13.5" although that sounds high to me, I used a leatherman inch scale to kind of figure it out. As for the color--- darker than #8 but I'd still call it "black cherry" before I call it brown. Great pair of boots, wish they fit. Hell of a deal.
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