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By the time I got there it was pretty picked over. Managed to get 2 pairs for members but there wasn't that much left. Hopefully they view it as a success and do it again.
I'm considering going back, I might be able to proxy for three people if the requests are easy. Send me a message in the next few minutes.
I think so.
saw numerous 10.5 but again, nothing outstanding/extraordinary, but they were there.
Plenty of nice pairs remaining, not much in size 11 (a few GYW boots/shoes). Mostly brown, mostly CXLish leather. Didn't really check out smaller sizes, didn't see anything too earth shattering but a few nice pairs of tan horsehide in 10 and 12. Certainly if you're in the area check it out tomorrow, and if you're planning on going for a late-day discount tomorrow I think you'll be in luck in just about every size.
In Brooklyn today and can't make it over. Pretty bummed myself.
Free domestic shipping on these if you take them at my price. Have box, bags and VSC as well as alt laces. Great shape, heel has some wear from use, leather is in nice condition after VSC. Plenty of life left, as expected from Viberg boots. These are of course STITCHDOWN construction. Check the pictures, know your size, i'm open to offers that don't make me roll my eyes. No returns. Local pickup in NJ or maybe NYC available if things work out. Thanks
I got in on the skye2 whiskey and need to drop out of this one as well, hopefully next time. thanks
I know, I wish they fit me. Thanks
Item for sale is Carmina Navy Shell (Horween?) Captoe Boot on Rain Last. Boots have been gently worn and need a buffing. Too big for me sadly. Original retail somewhere in the $925 range. I think these would fit a TTS 12. For reference if it's helpful, and again, these are too big for me with my thickest socks on. I take: Alden TB: 11 Alden Barrie: 11 Alden Plaza: 11.5 Viberg 2030: 11 Will include flannel (Alden) bags, do not have the original bags or box. Price does...
New Posts  All Forums: