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I posted these on eBay but am happy to sell here as well, here's what I wrote in the eBay auction: For sale here is one pair of Alden for Leffot "Marble Suede" Indy boots. These boots would look killer with some dark denim and a light shirt in the spring and summer, and can easily be worn year round courtesy of the Plantation "Crepe" Sole. These boots were originally made for Leffot and that page is still easily accessible by google if you'd like to see it, but the...
Fantastic looking. May I ask? - Have you worn through the lining around the heel of your boots? Did they offer to fix it? Did they fix it?
Nice, but I think I prefer the black ones! Enjoy
Anyone interested in a pair of the Poller Shell Chukkas in a size 11? I am going to let my pair go - no box, but have bags. They're worn and the creases are drying but the heels/soles are great and plenty of life left. please get in touch.
I really need some more boots with Commando soles. Those Natural CXL "Brixton Clones" are almost perfect.. .
During the sale I bought both, and consequently returned both Lindricks and Giannis. I didn't find the fit to be tenable but I also found the finishing to be sub-par. I'm sure the construction is better than Alden and there may be fewer QC issues but I'm not really sold. Maybe their non-shell offerings are superior?
I had something similar on my Black Shell NST boots, the boot rubbed my left ankle raw and I put some second skin (http://tinyurl.com/l5aomhy) on the area to keep it from getting worse. After about a week the boots were as comfortable as any others, and once the skin healed all was well Be patient.
leydon i think
Great looking boot but if it's on a non plaza last i don't know if the value is there (470 euro isn't much more than full price here in the states but it's no bargain certainly)Unfortunately the pleasing aesthetics of factory all-eyelets cannot be obtained by switching speedhooks out for eyelets due to the gap required
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