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Gents, Not sure if this is the right place to put this and I'm sorry if it isn't, but if anyone who was involved in the recently arrived Dundee (Dark Brown Shell Cordovan Boot) has an 11E and feels they need an 11.5E please get in touch, I am in the reverse situation. Thanks.
Gents, For sale here are many fragrances. I've tried to include pictures so that potential buyers could have a reference for the amount remaining. Any questions are welcome and reasonable offers are also welcome. For the vintage fragrances I tried to create pricing that made sense given the age and rarity. For contemporary fragrances my prices are mostly based on eBay completed when I could find them. If you're interested in making an offer, please make it a reasonable...
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Prices include domestic shipping and fees. Free samples with all purchases, until I run out. All items are COMPLETE PRESENTATIONS unless noted. Tried to show levels with pictures. If you need another picture please ask. If there is no picture it's my fault and I can get one for you relatively quickly. Open to swaps for things like Patou Pour Homme, Vintage Derby and Xerjoff Homme. Feel free to make cash offers that are reasonable. Amouage Ciel Homme 50mL No Box Vintage...
Their GYW offerings are as well built as their SD offerings, to each their own. I prefer SD but I don't fault anyone for wanting their GYW; they have a lot of makeups that I wish were SD.
Thanks. They're great looking boots. I got lucky to get any of the stitchdown shell that I have, hope you get some soon.
Wore these pretty hard for a few days then decided to clean them up. Came out pretty well. 14oz Natural Shell. (Sorry about the gross carpet.) (before and after)
Each of these retails for $112. I am selling all 3 for $230. Price includes domestic shipping but no fees. International is fine, lots of experience, slightly added cost. The three fragrances are: Darwin, Xocoatl and La Tierra del Rayo They are sold without box but with caps. These are the 1oz bottles. Levels can be seen in the image but they are fairly full. Many more great perfumes for sale after this trio is sold. No trade offers please.
These are on the RL89 last. They're made in England by Edward Green. Unfortunately I only have the boots so they'll come in non-EG bags and I don't have proper trees for them either. Killer pair of boots that are barely worn. These fit TTS in my opinion.
2030 Last. Shoe bags. Dainite Sole. Stitchdown construction. These have started to show some wear but I think they look great. Soles have a lot of life left.
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