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Nice boots
someone buy these! they're great boots!
For sale here are a pair of the Viberg Horsehide Service Boots. These are on either the 2030 or the 2040/45 last, I don't know which. These were from the sample sale, but they are perfect. Dainite soles, basically no wear on the boots and the leather is essentially (if not literally) bulletproof. Unfortunately I don't have room for these in my rotation or else I'd keep them, they will probably outlive me. I'll pay shipping if you pay fees, feel free to ask any...
Somewhat frustrating to see two pairs of Viberg samples pop up on eBay at a 150% price increase. :/
yeah, it also said they'd been worn and resoled.
and me
let me know if they don't fitthanks
the one pair of 11s was gone before i clicked on it despite being here at 12.00. Not sure what that's all about but GL to all.
These look great and I've never had a pair of CXL that didn't show at least some wrinkling. Yours might be more extreme than "normal" but like you said, not cracking. Nice boots! [[SPOILER]]
Not in a huge hurry to unload these but happy to do so at this price. Obviously I have not worn them [i.e. they're not getting any wear -- but they might in the future.] Look at the pictures, ask questions. Price includes domestic shipping and fees. International shipping is available at your expense.
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