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I realize this isn't necessarily the place but do you have a go to/favorite maker for jackets/coats?
[[SPOILER]] Of course the boots are on point, jacket looks killer as well.
Lowered the price on these, open to offers or potential trades. Thanks
Please make a picture with all of your pants, so that we may judge
I had a pair of the Gresham's - They were made on the RL89 and looked a lot like that pair. They were originally @Namor 's pair, maybe he can chime in.
Thanks! My mistake.
Amazing pair of Edward Green Galways, iconic boots. These are marked seconds but I can't figure out why. Check the soles and the uppers for condition, heel and toe taps installed. These are on the E64 last, crafted in Rosewood Country Calf. Medway soles. I have an Edward Green polishing cloth to send along with these, no bags or box. Free shipping.
A beautiful pair of Enzo Bonafe boots proudly and excellently made in Italy! These are a size 10 on the 946 last, they would be great for a US11. These boots feature a Plum Museum Calf upper and a Black Inca Grain Shaft. The style number is mod 3751. They feature a lug sole. These boots were from a GMTO Skoaktiebolaget and retailed for north of $850. They have a beautiful purple lining as well. The box for these is in bad condition but I can include it if you want it. I...
This is certainly the nicest pair of AEs I've ever seen. Bravo.
For sale here is one pair of Dark Oak Antique / Mink Suede Galways. These are marked B or Reject due to an imperfection in the suede on one boot, which has been professionally repaired. Overall condition of these boots is excellent and I'd estimate wear at around 10 or fewer times. This is an absolutely amazing pair of boots and I'd not be selling them if there was even a chance I could wear them. They are crafted over the 888 last and are a B width in size 10.5...
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