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The British Bull Dog:   1.75oz Johnnie Walker Black 0.375 oz Kahlua 0.25 oz Drambuie Two dashes each orange and aromatic bitters   Stir over ice and serve over a large rock.   It's a takeoff on Jamie Boudreau's Webley & Scott (a reference to a British firearm manufacturer), which was his takeoff on Bourbon & Branch's Revolver. The British Bull Dog, of course, is a classic style of British revolver in the Victorian era; hence the name.   ~ H
 Sounds lovely. It is my partner's standard drink, and I am surprised to note how different it tastes in different bars.  The question is -- what was the original Booker's gin originally posted here? Who knows? ~ H
 The intense corniness, too. I got Booker's confused, for some reason, with Boodles' Gin, which is a little rough.
 Some day I will drink d'Yquem. Oh, that sounds lovely. I did not use Roquefort, and I am shocked that I forgot the name of the wonderful bleu that we had, which, apparently, can't be imported anymore. WTF is it with the FDA and cheese lately? I've nearly forgotten what Mimollette tastes like. ~H
I don't really like it very much generally.
I love golden wine. For an '04 it was quite lovely indeed, especially as it has been 14 mos. since I last had Sauternes.  
Which one? I tried the classic and the Leatherbee - thought the latter fantastic, dry Chartreuse verte spiked with absinthe.
Same here! I moved on from their Cab some time ago, but I am kinda back in that price bracket again so I am probably going to give it a try sometime soon.
RLPL jacket; trousers are from my 'usual' DJ, and are Edward Sexton. I usually wear a pocket square with my DJ, but could not figure out what color -- black seemed so wrong somehow, and the jacket is sooooooo white. It really is an incredible color, and, scandalously, is cotton (hence the wrinkles). It was over 90 out, so I appreciated the light weight.       ~ H
New Posts  All Forums: