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I love golden wine. For an '04 it was quite lovely indeed, especially as it has been 14 mos. since I last had Sauternes.  
Which one? I tried the classic and the Leatherbee - thought the latter fantastic, dry Chartreuse verte spiked with absinthe.
Same here! I moved on from their Cab some time ago, but I am kinda back in that price bracket again so I am probably going to give it a try sometime soon.
RLPL jacket; trousers are from my 'usual' DJ, and are Edward Sexton. I usually wear a pocket square with my DJ, but could not figure out what color -- black seemed so wrong somehow, and the jacket is sooooooo white. It really is an incredible color, and, scandalously, is cotton (hence the wrinkles). It was over 90 out, so I appreciated the light weight.       ~ H
I have not been doing much (enough) shooting, Like at all. So I took a few minutes and grabbed two favorites, both Smiths:   I forgot how much I absolutely love to shoot this gun, Smith's amazing homologated IPSC gun, the .3566 Team Smith & Wesson Limited. . I've shot a lot of autoloaders and can't imagine a more elegantly functioning pistol. When I can afford it, I will have to send it in to Smith and have them fit me a 9mm barrel so I don't shoot up my two cases of...
 Ach, trip got cancelled. But thanks!  Yeah really. Concho y Toro Castilliero Del Diablo should be in that price range.  It's great! But do NOT substitue Fee Bros. Aztec Chocolate Bitters, which contain artificial flavorings and basically taste like a Tootsie roll. I do my usual Mezcal Old Fashioned with 2 oz Del Maguey Vida, 1/4 oz simple infused with lime peel, and orange and aromatic bitters. But my favorite Mezcal drink is a riff on The Gibson's "Midnight at La...
The PDT book is mainly a recipe book, and a little bit of PDT philosophy. Problem is, I don't find the recipes all that good, even though I usually have the ingredients on hand to make them with the brands specified. We have a thread on it here somewhere.... ~ H
I looked at the Morgenthaller book at a friend's place the other night. Glad to see a book on technique, but, I don't know, Morgenthaller has always rubbed me the wrong way a little. What I am excited by is the Fall advent of the Death and Company cocktail book -- I love Death so this promises to be epic! (and hopefully better than the PDT book which I am also not really a fan of). ~ H
Probably isn't that hard...but seems too hard for me.
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