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Pac coast highway has nothing onn Tobago. Geez the double switchbacks.
Mezcal, cocchi americano and campari make a very fine drink. Lower onthe campari ratio wise.
Those '70s walnut maple laminate 'thumbhole sporters' have always been a style I enjoyed.
Im in the carribean - I have a bottle of Ango single barrel, some ginger-clove simple syrup I've made, local limes (which are incredible - thin yellow skins, juicy light green flesh), and some sauvy b which I am pressing into service for vermouth. It makes a pretty fine cocktail, let me tell you.
Bavaro owns the Havana Club trademark rights in the US, though the Cuban entity disputes this -Bacardi's HC has been everywhere lately. I think they are cashing in on the confusion. But it is very unlikely to be Cuban product, especially in Texas.Thank you!
The 12year has been discontinued, and the Harmony NAS has replaced it - so prices of the Hibiki 12 have ramped up since it is all old stock.
For how long should one cellar beer? Are there guidelines? I haven't some abbey style ales at12 put that have a few years on them, as well as a five year old Barley wine.
Any suggestions on cocktail bars in Munich, Brussels, or London?
Anyone willing to give me a steer on some EU/UK thrift shops? I am going on a whirlwhind tour later in the month, and am particularly interested in any shops in Munich or London. I do not get to Europe often, so I really won't be stealing your good spots, and the karma should be exceptional! PM me!   ~ H
To provide the illusion of choice.
New Posts  All Forums: