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I looked for Oban DE or Crag DE (my favs of the series) when I was through Pearson last week (what an awful airport), but no dice. Wound up buying a liter of Johnnie Double Black since I had wanted to try it and it was like $50. Can't say as I like it. ~H
Its all about the sides. My stuffing is predominately sausage, and the fresh cranberry relish is acidic and sweet, thus Gewürztraminer, preferably the Cuvee de Signeur Riebespierre or whatever complicated name Trimbach gives it.
Bugey! I love Bugey - and it was the first thing I ever got drunk on, at the ripe old age of 31. So yummy. Have not had it since because it is not easily available in my area. Jealous, especially as it is cheap for teh poorz like me.
Pisco is pretty great with Chartreuse and lime, so Last Word and Eulogy variants with it are tasty. As for the Frangelico, others may mock, but I was working on a kind of nutty dry cocktail with it in the vein of a Ford that used gin, vermouth, madeira, and Frangelico. It was very good but I ran out of Madeira before writing down the recipe. Last night had a wonderful Fall cocktail: a Calvados Manhattan, if you will, with Dolin rouge and a drop of Allspice dram and orange...
I frigging did a stream crossing in my M Coupe. Ridiculous.
Mint chocolate brown size 'L' (as labeled) Ralph Lauren Polo blazer. Jacket is half-belted, has a throat latch, gusseted shoulders and leather-wrapped buttons. Condition is pretty much perfect, with no wear to the collar or cuffs (which shows up easily on corduroy), or any sign of ever being worn. Color is a perfect chocolate with perhaps a wisp of olive. $75+ actual shipping.
A real find for a change! RL Polo Corduroy jacket in a nice chocolate, with throat latch, half-belt, and gusseted shoulders. Only unfortunate that it is an L and I am an M, because I would wear the heck out of it.  
I am not a fan of DC cocktail bars, and honestly, the DC restaurant scene -- a lot seemed to be about surface without substance. Columbia Room was austere and antiseptic, PX uninspired (which suited the uninformed and uncaring clientele the days I was there), Jack Rose had a great selection but the cocktails were meh. Only the Gibson shone for me.   Incidentally, I've never had a great Blood & Sand, either.   ~ H
Don't recall. They were too beat up. thought about getting one for the buttons though.
Somewhere in the book they indicate they 'fell in love' with sherry in, I think, 2009. I've been to Death four or five times, all before then, and I remember the drinks being very good, especially the Cure for Pain and the Winchester. I made the Flor de Jerez with some Dry Sack on hand for cooking, and it was a little meh until the apricot ratio was upped a little, then it became very good. I love modifiers and find that I often like drinks a little modifier-heavy, but...
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