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Probably isn't that hard...but seems too hard for me.
I am always very glad to hear that. I think I shall make one myself today (I have Hendricks back on hand!)   Don't know any serious cocktail geeks in Toronto, do you? Trying to get into Toronto Temperance in early August....
 None of the Q products really impress me when compared to Fever Tree. Club sodas tend to have mixtures of different 'salts' (not just plain old sodium chloride) and commonly, but more importantly, some type of bicarbonate as it is thought that the process of carbonization introduces a trace amount of carbonic acid which skews the pH and alters the flavor. Thus a pinch of sodium- or potassium bicarbonate cures that. I would venture to believe that it is this pH adjustment...
 It is amazing and sounds even better - I saw one, once, my head swiveling instantly toward the wail. Fortunately, my camera was sitting on the seat next to me. Heard an Aventador yesterday, too, which is not bad either. 
Do 2:1 with Lillet, add a drop of Maraschino and a lemon twist. It's pretty lovely. And I presume you mean regular Lillet Blanc, since the Kina has not been made for years? Unless you mean Cocchi?
Any Toronto-based SFers a member of the Toronto Temperence Society? My partner and I will be up there in a few weeks and it looks great....
Dolin Rouge would be a great foil for the Classico.
Prob won't. I think only DrinkUp stocks it.
I miss not having 100 bottles of wine like I used to (and the disposable income to have them). There's nothing more than I would like right now than a decent glass of wine, as lately all I have been drinking is plonk. That Frederik Emile would be perfect. I have like 25 or so that are worth aging doing so doing, but far from me -- were they here they would tempt me too much. Humbug.   ~ H
Death in the Afternoon with Jade Nouvelle-Orleans. Lovely.
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