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Nyati. Did you ever shoot a .585, Jan? Realistically, I doubt I could go much more than a .458 Wby; and have much hope of aimed followups. A few rounds of .458 Win. gives me a headache. If you could build a Nyati with a major compensator and some active recoil reduction in the stock, that would be perfect. - H
 Yep! Major facial hair. And I agree, he is indeed a great barman; we had some good conversation and I had two lovely drinks (the last was a Malacca Old Fashioned). He told me I should go to this cocktail bar in a Szechuan restaurant in Woburn next time I'm up. Looks good. I get what you are saying about Wink and Nod. 'Ambitious' is right regarding the cocktails, but yeah, the food was great. ~ H
I don't - at all - get the love for wagons/estates/shooting brakes what have you. They are always bloated and ugly.
I did too. We all have particular associations for things. It is a tragedy though.
The Royal Lochnagar is in that bottle with California on it? Who is that?   I love the regular distillery's 12yo bottling. Lovely, rich whisky.
Crappy day. Now, sipping some WLW 126pf, it is getting better. This is a phenomenal liquid.
Bhowie, I took work peeps to Wink and Nod, which was OK, though the food was better than the cocktails. Parting with them I decided that I really needed a proper drink, and so I walked to Hawthorne, where I had a lovely, albeit brief, time. Bartender Jason took real good care of me, had some good discussions about the industry.Did well by me last night at 2 rye, 0.5 Cocchi,.25 Campari, barspoon Cynar. I used orange bitters in the absence or peel, but it needs aromatic.~ H
^ If it was a '67.
 I've been wanting to eat this for years, ever since Matt, I think, talked about it ages ago. Even went to a restaurant in Toronto that made it. Very jealous.  Thanks, LD. It's taken two years since the JD for me to feel like I have time and energy to do virtually anything. But I am enjoying cooking again, though I am surprised the extent to which those skills can atrophy. I am fortunate that I have a wonderful farmer's market that I visit each Saturday morning, which...
 I bought my AH16 because I visitied Schafferstown as a child and was enamored. So of course I had to sample the juice. Wish I hadn't. It is very good, but not some out of this world whisky. Save your bottle and point to it with pride. Tell people it's $500 a pour when you can find it, (Which it is). ~ H
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