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Sort of a Kingston variant: 1.5 rum, 1.0 sweet vermouth, .75 Campari, barspoon Fernet. Had this with Havana Club 7 at a Toronto bar called Cold Tea (solid spot. love that they have an on-site dim sum vendor) last month. Ratios are my attempt to recreate.
Yes, black, not the double.
Honestly, without Peychaud's bitters I don't think it can be a Sazerac. More like an Improved absent the Maraschino. And 1:2 with simple? Isn't it crazy sweet?
Have a bottle of another Pinot in your fridge, half corked like a leftover. Get up and 'check on things' in the kitchen, taking your wine with you since why would you want to be without your wine glass? Fill glass from bottle in fridge. Be sad only that the wine is a little too cold. Repeat.~H
I looked for Oban DE or Crag DE (my favs of the series) when I was through Pearson last week (what an awful airport), but no dice. Wound up buying a liter of Johnnie Double Black since I had wanted to try it and it was like $50. Can't say as I like it. ~H
Its all about the sides. My stuffing is predominately sausage, and the fresh cranberry relish is acidic and sweet, thus Gew├╝rztraminer, preferably the Cuvee de Signeur Riebespierre or whatever complicated name Trimbach gives it.
Bugey! I love Bugey - and it was the first thing I ever got drunk on, at the ripe old age of 31. So yummy. Have not had it since because it is not easily available in my area. Jealous, especially as it is cheap for teh poorz like me.
Pisco is pretty great with Chartreuse and lime, so Last Word and Eulogy variants with it are tasty. As for the Frangelico, others may mock, but I was working on a kind of nutty dry cocktail with it in the vein of a Ford that used gin, vermouth, madeira, and Frangelico. It was very good but I ran out of Madeira before writing down the recipe. Last night had a wonderful Fall cocktail: a Calvados Manhattan, if you will, with Dolin rouge and a drop of Allspice dram and orange...
I frigging did a stream crossing in my M Coupe. Ridiculous.
Mint chocolate brown size 'L' (as labeled) Ralph Lauren Polo blazer. Jacket is half-belted, has a throat latch, gusseted shoulders and leather-wrapped buttons. Condition is pretty much perfect, with no wear to the collar or cuffs (which shows up easily on corduroy), or any sign of ever being worn. Color is a perfect chocolate with perhaps a wisp of olive. $75+ actual shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: