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Earnest Sewn is gone?
Flor de Jerez is awesome - I think it is my favorite from the D&C book also And it is basically, a shim, too. The Arrack Strap is excellent, as is the Cure for Pain. A good friend made me a Castle to Castle, which I very much enjoyed, as well as the Nightwatch and Death from Above - the last will mess you up. - H
I have three recurring dreams, one of which is driving my car.
I use a brick and mortar for my calling cards, which are blind embossed and engraved. http://www.bradleyengraved.com/  This is a real printer/letterpress shop. They can do whatever you want. I thought the service was very good.My cards were pretty expensive because of the emboss die, but refills are reasonable. I forget how much.   ~ H
.375 H&H, clearly.
Martin Miller is one of my very favorite gins. I've had a number of the Compass Box whiskies, usually out, but never tried Hedonism because the upcharge was too hard to take. I like Spice Tree the next best, and the most disappointing for me was Orangerie. Yuck. ~ H
I like Rombauer. Bought it to take to a BYOB in the middle of nowhere and was surprised. I gave a bottle of Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc to a wine-loving female colleague. I admit to a little concern due to the naked peoples on the label, but I guess it was OK. The wine is freaking delicious all the same. It does come in mags. ~ H
The hours in-house are still bad, but since you don't bill, no one knows. ~ H
These flavored ones sound disgusting. I bought a bag of Trader Joe's and was very impressed. My previous favorite was Wise Lightly Salted.
I know. I was kind of kidding for the sake of the fact that this is a vaclav thread. There was a time in my life when I had knowledge of drinking water standards -- the sensitivity of the available equipment can affect what the standard is (and these days, GC-MS, NMR and other lab equipment is incredibly sensitive). When one is talking about drinking water people are always very concerned yet it is incredibly challenging to put across how incredibly small a quantity like...
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