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I just looked up BYOB, and see that I drove by it on Queen West in January. argh. Toronto's a great city. denning, have you been to the Harboard Room? My favorite Toronto spot - a bartender there, Beth-Anne, made me an amazing cocktail of Canadian rye, Cocchi Americano, Campari, and a touch of Cynar that I loved and cannot duplicate for so me reason. -H
The glass I most often picture - as in the Ford above - is glassware from a wonderful Japanese company, Kimura Glass. They are merely 'nice' restaurant grade, and I bought them in the restaurant supply district of Tokyo (yes, it's a district), called Asakusa. Kimura has a broad line, and the glasses are all a borosilicate type, like Pyrex, and as thin as old-school Riedel. Even the tumblers are amazing! Long-winded way of saying I wish we could get them in this hemisphere,...
Hm. Does sound good, and the closest thing I can think of is the Weeski, which lacks the St. Germain and the Peychaud's.
Grilled some chicken, ramps, and asparagus while sauteeing yellow oyster mushrooms. Served all over grilled sourdough and fresh ricotta my GF made. Solid. Very solid indeed.         ~H
  First time cooking that hipsterish of all vegetables, the veritable ramp.They're tasty.   ~ H
^ Still envious of your vermouth.   The Ford for me tonight:  
I was totally passed by a 2014 S63 AMG at the speed of heat the other day. It was matte pearl white and hugged the road with elegance. Gorgeous car. Sorry you were hit by one being driven by an idiot, raumuman. That's shitty. -H
Hitting Boston tomorrow night....looking for a good cocktail bar that has some food, food doesn't need to be fancy, c ocktails should be solid. Recs? Am in Back Bay, staying at one of the Copley hotels. Eastern standard and JM Curley seem close, and I do love a solid burger (hold the brioche though). Eastern Standard seems like I might need earplugs though. -H
Hard to go wrong with Tsuji. My gf made some wonderful fermented black radish pickles last week...forget which book she used. Pickling by the Pint or something like that.
Where you went does matter, and how much it matters depends on what you want to do. Balancing debt load against job prospects is the critical decision.   I would not listen to SixOhNine, sorry. All the best litigators work for themselves? What do you even mean by that?   ~ H
New Posts  All Forums: