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Don't recall. They were too beat up. thought about getting one for the buttons though.
Somewhere in the book they indicate they 'fell in love' with sherry in, I think, 2009. I've been to Death four or five times, all before then, and I remember the drinks being very good, especially the Cure for Pain and the Winchester. I made the Flor de Jerez with some Dry Sack on hand for cooking, and it was a little meh until the apricot ratio was upped a little, then it became very good. I love modifiers and find that I often like drinks a little modifier-heavy, but...
As much as I have been enjoying the Death book, I am starting to think it is a little too fussy, with all of its focus on infusions and tinctures and such. Also, while I think the drinks I've made from the book are better than, say, from the PDT book, I also think that they aren't that good. Or maybe I have picked them wrong. Anyway, I totally riffed off of the Coffee and Cigarettes (which is good) with this, which I think is better.   A Cigarette After Dark   2 oz...
 This is half B.S. and half decent advice. I say that as a B.S. MechE who passed the Bar last year. OP, PM me with any questions you have. I'd reply more fully but I just got home and need sleep. ~ H
NYI, its '10 20-year. So pissed I didn't pick up all 5 for $85 a piece when I bought that one.
Surprised to see a pair of these.
Best bar is Miami is the Broken Shaker - funky Florida vibe with ridiculously high quality cocktails.
What does PVW 15 run these days? Was that bottle new release or NOS?   Had some friends over for a tasting of another spirit the other day, but we got to talking crazy bourbon and so had a tasting of these:     Skipped the Weller and Stagg because sometimes enough is enough.   ~ H
 Anything Glenfarclas also.  Meh. I didn't reduce my consumption while working full time and going to school at night part time with a 1.75hr commute (each way) in between. But then again I drink very little anyway, so.... ~ H
Just got the Death book. Sets the standard.
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