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I once lived near Trader Joes. I wanted to make some chili, so I went there and got some chips, chop meat, onions, tomatoes, beans, et al. But they had no chili powder or cumin. I left disappointed and sad. But it did buy a bottle of Gewurtztraminer for $3.99, though I now know it contained more arsenic than most other Gewurtztraminers I've had in my life. ~ Huntsman
 Sounds like fun to me. My Martini is Old Raj, Dolin, Fee Bros. Gin Aged Orange bitters, 3:1 with a twist. ~ H
  I've been wanting to drink Hedonism for a decade. The very first single grain whisky to really put grain whiskies on the map.   Tried it today -- it's, quite simply, delicious! Mild, a little sweet, vanilla, hay -- it will be a wonderful summertime dram,   ~ H
I've not had Jensen's, but Colin is pretty much the best Martini vermouth there is.
Yeah, I have picked up a few bottles here and there. Forgot how mild and pleasant it us.
  The most decadent Negroni possible: Old Formula Campari, Hendrick's, and Cocchi Barolo Chinato. Fabulous.   ~ H
I like to wear my Jaguar shirt when driving my BMW. I have not quite tried the BMW shirt in the Jag though.
Ugie is nice.    This thread needs a very great deal more participation.   Went to a cocktail party at our friends' -- we were drinking a number of drinks from the Death & Co. book.   Tonight I had a Midnight at la Esquina: 1.5oz. Del Maguey, 1.0 oz. Cocchi Americano, 0.5 oz Campari.     Later, perhaps, a Blue Mountain: 1.5oz Rum, 1.0 oz sweet vermouth, 0.375 oz Campari, 0.5oz Galliano Ristretto, barspoon Ramazotti.   ~ H
I've not been in that many Wegmans' since they are not very close to me (some upstate NY thing, right?) but it was an awesome grocery store. I absolutely loved it -- like Whole Paycheck but without the cost and the pretense. But I've never been in one with a liquor store. That sounds awesome.
New Posts  All Forums: