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Someone rec me a cab or a cab franc or Merlot that I can go and buy for $50 or less that I can drink and be happy with, dammmit.I love Vouvray. I love how there is no single style, but I pretty much love it all.
The Negroni is one of the best cocktails on earth.   My favorite variant is rum-based:   1.5 oz aromatic dark rum (I love Zaya, for its vanilla notes) 1.0 oz sweet vermouth (M&R is best here) 0.75 oz Campari barspoon Ramazotti or Fernet.   It's a great drink. Just trust me. ~H
  It is a lovely spirit. Though I will say that the Handy compared very well indeed, and is far easier to find.  That is not cool. I am very sorry to hear that! It is fussy on the ingredients side, but Strega, Arrack, and Falernum should be in Anvil's stable. I am actually disheartened.  Quote: We have some very similar spirits proclivities, indeed! Vieux-Telegraphe is not only my favorite CdP, but my favorite red. Not too long ago, I had a dinner with two bottles of '96....
My partner made Kohlrabi with sausage and white beans. It was a surprisingly good dish.
 I've heard that they are pretty much indistinguishable, but have not tried Aveze. Really, one can only drink so much dandelion and sunshine at any given time!
Is that a flying fish?   Anyway, source material for creme of chanterelle soup with saffron:  
 Well, I am sorry to hear that about Heugel's places -- I have not been in Houston since 2006/2007, and met Bobby when he was behind a tiny little bar at a BBQ place called Beaver's Block House. Had a great time eating BBQ and having Bobby and Kevin make me cocktails, so I have a fondness for those guys. And the Eulogy is a phenomenal cocktail.  Wine and Whisky though, is not a bad mix at all, and good to differentiate from Heugel's places; Houston is a small town and he...
Yes, I have largely replaced it with Cocchi Vermouth del Torino, which is my favorite vermouth. I am jealous that you have those new Martinis; I still have not seen the Gran Lusso anywhere. We now have a Carpano dry and bianco, which I would like to try, though I usually stay with Dolin for both.   My continuing love for vermouth and quinquinas, however, means that I have to try pretty much every vermouth I see, but my stable of favorites has been stable for some time...
Routine maintenance on an F355 is no picnic. And it needs a lot of routine maintenance. The 308 is a very pretty, iconic car. I saw one in blue once, which was staggeringly pretty compared even to Rosso Corso. ~H
 I love Suze best in the White Negroni, but not the original recipe. I do 1.75 oz gin, 3/4oz Suze, 3/4 oz Dolin Blanc vermouth, and 1/4 oz Luxardo. The use of Luxardo in the White Negroni was something I first saw at Cocktail Bar in Toronto, and I think it is what takes the concept of the White Negroni and makes it great -- the funkiness is a liason for Suze's incredible dandelion qualities.  Well, I am very glad that you and your friend enjoyed it. I was in NYC yesterday...
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