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  Dude, you said "Because most JW tastes like shit?" And yes, I know what "most" means -- generally, it means the majority or the large majority of something. Of the standard JW blends that are presently available, Black is the second up from the bottom, and since you are talking about quality and taste, any reasonable interpretation of the word "most JW" in your statement would include the second-cheapest JW blend. Or, at the very least, my interpretation is not an...
The President's SB Peak at the correspondents' dinner was stunning, I thought. The lapels were very aggressive and crisp.   ~ H   https://nycdel.net/2016/05/01/obama-needles-clinton-and-g-o-p-field-at-correspondents-dinner-by-michael-d-shear/
Meh. Faux connoiseurship comment. The JW blends have long been very good expressions of what malt whisky has to offer - and certainly at Black and above.Last night I had a dram of Black and one of Mac 18. To say that Black is shit in that comparison is nonsensical.~ H
Morels sautéed with shallots, reduced Macon-Vilages, cream, and some wonderful pecorino made with saffron and peppercorns, all served with fresh pappardelle. Amazing. The savory quality of the saffron-infused pecorino is perfect with the earthy morel. -H
Andrew Bonhomme Macon-Villages - lovely hay and pollen on the nose and palate. I love that quality in a white. Great chard for all of 22.00. -H
I don't love beer (in the general sense), perhaps because I so rarely find beers that I enjoy, but I always have some in stock and am always trying new things - I tried this Flemish Red the other day and loved it! I will have to explore these sour beers more, because I just loved this stuff.     I tend also to like English bitters (Wells' Bombardier on cask is a perennial favorite), some Saisons (Goose Island Mathilda), for instance, Belgians like Chimay, and only the...
 Jefferson said that the "light, high flavored wines" like Montepulciano and Languedoc were his favorites.
 Chichicapa is my favorite Del Maguey. I always stock a bottle of that and a bottle of Vida. ~ H
 There is such a broad range of sweet vermouth available today that they are similar only in name, and I am sure that you could get away from the taste memory with a vermouth on the end of the range. I will assume that the association is probably with Martini & Rossi, so, I'd consider Dolin Rouge for a fruity, winey, and very light vermouth -- this is a French sweet, and totally different from the M&R Turin style. The other option is Punt E Mes, which is a cross between a...
Oban DE is my weekly. I love it. It has a great sea air saltiness, which is balanced by the slightly sweet, yet savory character that the Madeira casks give it. Wonderful whisky. I have long been a fan of the Diageo DEs, but the Crag, Oban, and Lagavulin are the best. - Huntsman
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