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If you like Ari Gold's tailoring on Entourage, then you like Domenico Vacca.    This suit is rendered in a truly amazing Super 180s charcoal herringbone wool that has a gentle tone-on-tone chalkstripe. It is a classic Neapolitan 3-button-roll-2 with high gorge notch lapels and double vents. The sleeves have working buttonholes, and there is extensive handwork everywhere (see pictures) -- even more handwork than in the Attolini I am also selling. Working flower buttonhole...
Cesare Attolini is universally regarded as the maker one of the finest suits money can buy. See, for instance: http://robbreport.com/Robb-Recommends/Fashion/Cesare-Attolini   This suit, sold at Domenico Vacca's atelier, is rendered in a superb medium gray cloth with slate blue pinstripes and certainly retailed for north of $4,000.00. It is a 3-button with high gorge notch lapels and double vents. The sleeves have working buttonholes, and there is extensive handwork...
I use the Velvet Tango Room's eggnog recipe, though I use half Zacapa for the rum, which makes it ridiculous.
The Widow's Kiss, clearly.
I mean, isn't the real issue getting the appropriate BATFE licensing? Home brewing is not the same as home distilling.
Love rye, though I have not tried many of the new ones that have come out in the last year. I mix with Bulliet, and drink Saz 6, KC, or Handy (or Old Potrero if I want something different). Still have some Vintage 21 and Ritt 25 when I want something special.- H
The Koval millet whiskey is much more interesting.
[quote name="brokencycle" url="/t/17839/cars-we-drive/18780#post_8146803"That's an impressive job.[/quote]Thanks, it was actually more satisfying than doing a newer car because of the magnitude of the improvement.I am not a professional, and just did it gratis for a family member - we take care of our cars the entire time we have them. and regardless of whether their brand or age is such that they don't seem to 'deserve' it or no.Indeed. I've done some others, too,...
Finished this polish job on a 13yo, 300k+ mile car:   Detail wash & Clay Megs 105 / Surbuff Megs 205 Lake City Orange Megs 82 Lake City White Klasse High Gloss Sealant Megiuar's Gold Class Wax Aerospace 303 (for exposed rubber) Wheels were polished with Megs Ultimate compound, and then waxed.   It looks ridiculous.  
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