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That's very close to Vesper ratios, which are 1:3.
I am thinking about the situation. where if you are going, say, west on an expressway and take an exit to go south on a crossing expressway, you will take a tight right-hand curve of a cloverleaf style interchange. I have increasingly been seeing drivers pull tighter and tighter to the inside of the corner, to the point where if there is a full-width shoulder, people are driving around the corner fully on the shoulder. 100% on the shoulder as if it was its own lane. I...
Can someone kindly explain the physics behind drivers constantly turning too tight on highway on-ramp curves such that they drive onto the inside shoulder?
Crap I didn't think people did that anymore. I have locks on all my wheels because that's what my father taught me to do, but, damn.
 Indeed. And thanks! Married life suits me. ~H
iOooooh... I agree with indesertum... You do have good taste. We seem to have very similar beer tastes, especially in sour beers, which ar the only beers to have ever really captured my interest. And you are drinking Carpano with mystery fiction! Many times I the past few months have found me with a glass of vermouth and some Nero Wolfe.If you were not on the other side of the country I would invite you for cocktails!-H
Thanks, all! It is looking like it is going to be a very good year.   ~H
Ha, in undergrad I was still driving my grandfather's car, which had been mothballed for like a decade. It cost my father and I a weekend and a $200 master cylinder to get running. It was 28 years old when I graduated -- from undergrad, in the usual amount of time. I then drove it for two years during my first job, decided it had tried to kill me enough times, then paid $4k cash for a 6 year old Pontiac with 73k miles, which I am still driving, and which now has 208k.   ~H
Sitting on the front porch with my wife, drinking Death in The Afternoon with remaining wedding bubbly. The choice of absinthe really matters to this drink. Like, a lot. Kubler is really good for an austere Death, and the Jade Nouveau Orleans is just superlatively complex.       We have this weird stand with two 4" x 4" squares of marble that we use for cocktails, it is lovely on the porch. I suppose it was originally for ashtrays?   ~ H
Just saw an undergrad girl at my old Uni in a G65 AMG. Good Heavens!
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