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 Those damnable ice molds. I hate them. Sure sign that you are in a crappy bar, regardless of the selection - selection is just cash. I was at the 'W' in DC once with my boss, and we were having a round of whisky. I forget what I ordered, but they didn't know what it was and couldn't find it (despite its being on the menu). So, I went with Doublewood because that is un-messup-able. Our quite remarkably attractive, really disaffected, "trendy" looking waitress then pushed...
What orgeat do you use? Fee's is positively vile. Eataly carries a wonderful brand that I wish I could get. Have tried two Italian brands and have not been impressed. I'm surprised the Trinidad was not the last drink of the night! You should try my Art Deco (can't believe there does not appear to be another cocktail with that name) The Art Deco 1.5 oz Gin0.75 oz Lillet Blanc0.75 oz Orgeat0.75 oz Lemon JuiceDash pastis or absinthe. Shake hard and double strain into a...
 That's quite true about the queueing -- it was really pleasant to be in line with Canadians. It just works Americans up so much for no reason.  Um, damn. Glad I didn't get it then.  Hahaha.
b1, I am jealous of your vermouth.
I did wind up going to Toronto, but just for the work trip, not the fun trip, and I stopped in the LCBO at Spadina and King W. That had a great selection, and many things I couldn't get in the States. Sadly, I figured I'd pick them up later and never quite got around to it. The Plantation 20 rum looked like a great deal at around $70, and there were some very interesting eau de vie and such that I have not seen down here.   Great city by the way. Great food culture. Low...
The British Bull Dog:   1.75oz Johnnie Walker Black 0.375 oz Kahlua 0.25 oz Drambuie Two dashes each orange and aromatic bitters   Stir over ice and serve over a large rock.   It's a takeoff on Jamie Boudreau's Webley & Scott (a reference to a British firearm manufacturer), which was his takeoff on Bourbon & Branch's Revolver. The British Bull Dog, of course, is a classic style of British revolver in the Victorian era; hence the name.   ~ H
 Sounds lovely. It is my partner's standard drink, and I am surprised to note how different it tastes in different bars.  The question is -- what was the original Booker's gin originally posted here? Who knows? ~ H
 The intense corniness, too. I got Booker's confused, for some reason, with Boodles' Gin, which is a little rough.
 Some day I will drink d'Yquem. Oh, that sounds lovely. I did not use Roquefort, and I am shocked that I forgot the name of the wonderful bleu that we had, which, apparently, can't be imported anymore. WTF is it with the FDA and cheese lately? I've nearly forgotten what Mimollette tastes like. ~H
I don't really like it very much generally.
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