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Yep. This series was so irritating it was offensive.
I once had a boss who was amazed that I liked Lagavulin 16,so he gave me peaty whisky for Christmas each year - his last gift to me was Laphroaig 18. He was a good man.
The Bitter Valentine: 1.5 oz rye O.5 oz aromatic rum (Ango single is nice) 0.375 Tempus Fugits creme de cacao O.75oz Punt e Mes O.25 oz Turin sweet vermouth A few drops aromatic or natural chocolate bitters (Aphrodite, Mole, not Fee's Aztec) Stir and serve up with flamed orange peel. - H
I wish that was in my neighborhood.
 The Cure for Pain, also one of my great favorites! I would also suggest the 20th Century, quite an old Gin and Lemon juice based cocktail that usually takes a hint a creme de cacao -- my recipe uses Tempus Fugits, and it suffers from the ugly color, so your Mozart would make a much more visually appealing drink. My recipe is not handy, but this looks right: I based the Art Deco cocktail off of the 20th Century. There are...
Sazerac 6year rye, formerly about $29, now $120.
Hmmm... probably not Fernet. Branca Menthe maybe. Ramazotti if yiu have to have an amaro.
 Hardly, Bhowie, since I have never worked an hour behind the bar. This exchange is hilarious!
I don't know that one can really compare the ratios of the Manhattan and the Martini and obtain any real insight. The Martini is so much more austere, and has come to be more so. As for the Luxardo in the Manhattan, while I don't object to the combination, I'd hardly call it a Manhattan at that point, as even a drop of Luxardo makes a major alteration.   I like a 1:1 Martini, too, but I think of that as the Fifty-Fifty -- it stands separately because it is.   ~ H
3:1 Old Raj to Dolin dry, Fee Bros Gin Barrel Aged Orange bitters and a twist.
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