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To provide the illusion of choice.
My house rye was Sazerac 6 year, purchaseable locally for about $26 a bottle. Last bottle I saw was $150 - in a store.
 It is very good -- I picked up a bottle for $50, which is really wonderful for a rum of that quality. ~H
Last night, when the cat woke me up to alert me to the fact that a bat was flying circuits around our bedroom (good, good cat), and we ultimately secured the room and opened some windows so the bat could fly out, not only did the bat NOT fly out, but another damn bat flew in the now-open and screenless windows. Incidentally, whoever named the common species of bat up here 'the Little Brown Bat' has never had two of them flying a foot from their face while they lay on the...
I had that happen to me in my 86 Jag. In traffic. I hopped out to pull the fuse but the same fuse controls the damn cooling fans (WTF Jaguar? As if the car wasn't prone to overheating in the best of times). I was pissed and did in fact clip the wires.
Only that you must well muddl the skin. And the quality of the lime is obviously critical. But, given cachaca, you should make a Petion - equal parts cachaca, rum (I just use Appleton's), lime, and a hair less than an equal part of Benedictine. Shaken, naturally. ~Huntsman
That's very close to Vesper ratios, which are 1:3.
I am thinking about the situation. where if you are going, say, west on an expressway and take an exit to go south on a crossing expressway, you will take a tight right-hand curve of a cloverleaf style interchange. I have increasingly been seeing drivers pull tighter and tighter to the inside of the corner, to the point where if there is a full-width shoulder, people are driving around the corner fully on the shoulder. 100% on the shoulder as if it was its own lane. I...
Can someone kindly explain the physics behind drivers constantly turning too tight on highway on-ramp curves such that they drive onto the inside shoulder?
Crap I didn't think people did that anymore. I have locks on all my wheels because that's what my father taught me to do, but, damn.
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