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Yeah, I have picked up a few bottles here and there. Forgot how mild and pleasant it us.
  The most decadent Negroni possible: Old Formula Campari, Hendrick's, and Cocchi Barolo Chinato. Fabulous.   ~ H
I like to wear my Jaguar shirt when driving my BMW. I have not quite tried the BMW shirt in the Jag though.
Ugie is nice.    This thread needs a very great deal more participation.   Went to a cocktail party at our friends' -- we were drinking a number of drinks from the Death & Co. book.   Tonight I had a Midnight at la Esquina: 1.5oz. Del Maguey, 1.0 oz. Cocchi Americano, 0.5 oz Campari.     Later, perhaps, a Blue Mountain: 1.5oz Rum, 1.0 oz sweet vermouth, 0.375 oz Campari, 0.5oz Galliano Ristretto, barspoon Ramazotti.   ~ H
I've not been in that many Wegmans' since they are not very close to me (some upstate NY thing, right?) but it was an awesome grocery store. I absolutely loved it -- like Whole Paycheck but without the cost and the pretense. But I've never been in one with a liquor store. That sounds awesome.
The powder is fine. Most people I know use it - there is a recipe at Imbibe if you need ratios. Small Hands Foods sells bottles of prepared gum syrup, too.
The G-R XO is probably my favorite blend, but since you have had most of the blends its high time you start trying single district Cognac; Ferrand andTessaron are great. I enjoy Godet.
Well, classic can mean a lot of things. I suppose that you want a Cobbler style shaker, that is, where the top contains an integral stainer and is made from the same material as the bottom? That is not the style I prefer for serious work, but hey, the Japanese love cobblers. Few are really made today out of silver (I'd skip pewter given the acids content of most cocktails). Honestly, Ralph Lauren probably makes the most beautiful contemporary shakers that are silver plate,...
Sort of a Kingston variant: 1.5 rum, 1.0 sweet vermouth, .75 Campari, barspoon Fernet. Had this with Havana Club 7 at a Toronto bar called Cold Tea (solid spot. love that they have an on-site dim sum vendor) last month. Ratios are my attempt to recreate.
New Posts  All Forums: