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Yah, Glenfarclas 21 for just a smidge over $100. Though, when the A'Bunadh is on, it is really fabulous. I don't know that the other sherry bombs can take it. Back in the day I would have said Mortlach would be the next whisky to try....very different take on a sherries style.
The color is nice. Acuras seem to be a quiet marque of solid cars.I learned the joy of heated steering wheels while north of Toronto for a few weeks in January - February of this year. Even dumpy rental minivans have them.Heated seats though, I don't know. For ten seconds they are OK to take the active chill out of the material. After that they feel like testicle heaters. I find selective heating of the scrotum to not really be all that enjoyable.
Oh, is JW Gold gone now? I didn't realize. Is Nikka 12 'Taketsuru' on the chopping block also?
What Manton said: the request is odd in that what excites me on the list is decidedly not wjatbia drinking well right now. I speak with reasonable experience about the Sauternes, at least, which I love so much. I doubt if I'd even drink the D'Arche now.And I don't really love d'Arche.
I'm sorry, its $176 for 2oz., and $440 for 5oz.
So I am slowly making progress on what is now a 25+ hr, month-long detail job on the M Coupe. Last major step was to use a product called Dr. Color Chip to fill the stone dings. I think there must have been a thousand. The stuff is crazy the way it works -- you fill the ding (using what looks like a teensy mascara brush), then smooth the blob of paint using a gloved finger. Then you let it set up a bit and wipe another chemical over the top, which 'cuts' the bump off. The...
 No, Sara is the current bar manager. They have an upstairs also. If you are in Philly again, and return to the Franklin, stay downstairs -- the upstairs is more casual, and catch as catch can seating now. Also, order a Mr. Palomar -- I think you will like it. It is the same style as the other drink you had (two very similar drinks on the same, now, what, 8-cocktail menu?). My two favorites from their old menus are the Sweet Sixteen in Leather Boots and Riddles in the Dark...
 Yeah, the only naturally colored one I can find is Tempus Fugits' 'Liquore de Violettes' but it does not work very well in an Aviation to my taste; almost too floral, and the color is a very faint rosy violet. The R&W isn't too terrible; the Bitter Truth looks like a vat of dye, and doesn't taste all that good in any event.  Yeah, Flor de Cana 4 is my second favorite white rum for mixing, after El Dorado 3 -- the demara sugar rums seem to have more character as a white...
Dedicated to Slim; miss you, man.  
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