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Prob won't. I think only DrinkUp stocks it.
I miss not having 100 bottles of wine like I used to (and the disposable income to have them). There's nothing more than I would like right now than a decent glass of wine, as lately all I have been drinking is plonk. That Frederik Emile would be perfect. I have like 25 or so that are worth aging doing so doing, but far from me -- were they here they would tempt me too much. Humbug.   ~ H
Death in the Afternoon with Jade Nouvelle-Orleans. Lovely.
I've loved the 2001 Trimbach Cuvee Frederik Emile and the de Signeurs de Ribeaupierre -- the latter a Gewurtz.They are two of my very favorite whites.   ~ H
Finishing up a PowerPoint for a 9:00am presentation tomorrow -- should have been done two weeks ago. So frustrated. Have dipped into BTAC William Larue Weller, a hot monster at 126+ pf. It's soooo yummy, and to think that I thought it was the lowest of this fine collection when I bought it in those happy hunting days of yore:     Damn.   ~ Huntsman
 Well, the leftmost three are awesome, though I don't know that I would think of Byrrh as a sub for sweet vermouth; it is so floral and the violets hit you full in the face. The Dolin blanc is a very particular vermouth, not a sub for the dry (its quite sweet), but I find it wonderful for cocktails like the Tuxedo #2, or as a more neutral sub for Lillet Blanc. El-D 3 is my all-around favorite white rum. It has such a wonderful nose. ~H
Well, it sounds a little weird to me. When the NICS check first started, people were charging $20 pass/fail for what is, essentially a phone call. I really haven't seen people charging all that much for them lately. Whatevs. If that is their deal that's their deal. These sorts of things are highly regional. If you were in my area, I'd tell you where to head.   ~ H
I love cheeseburger. With a Red Hook.
Too specialized to make enough ad revenue I suppose.   Jan, you are probably right in that the BB is on most of the time. It certainly is the best reference, and prices not in line with the BB will be questioned.   ~ H
 Surely. My favorite available verte is Vieux Carre, by Philadelphia Distilling, and my favorite bleu is the Swiss absinthe Kubler. I am much more of a fan of bleus than of the vertes, preferring Pernod to a verte, which is weird.  St. George and Lucid are meh; Mansinthe (yes, a Marilyn Manson sponsorship) is actually better, but a little dull. Leopold Bros and the Germain-Roban absinthes are not really that great. The Kubler is unfortunately only available in 1L sizes,...
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