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made by Hugo Boss. I also found a pair of woolen trousers made by PS by Paul Smith. Both were too big for me, I can't remember the size of the sport jacket, the trousers were 34". To find sport coats sized 36 R/S and trousers 30" are hard, imagine how hard it is to try to find quality clothing in those sizes then. I am leaving for London tomorrow and will be there until Sunday, would any kind soul be able to tell me if there is any good thrifting spots in London? I...
I went to some thrift shops last week, dreaming of hauls like the ones I read about here. Too bad, I live in Sweden and I am a small size, which makes it really hard for me to find clothing that fits when I thrift. Even If i would find something nice, it is often insanely priced. Ties cost 50 svenska kronor (almost seven dollars) each, even for the worst brands. But hey, what can you do? It is still much cheaper than every other option. Went through the shoes, the sport...
What a sweet Christmas present (a little bit too early, but I'll treat myself to that), thank you!
Whoa, this made me think that Victor had come back.Even though all the pieces are trying to get my attention, it turns out to be great together, a well balanced fit. The tie, shirt and suit are all lovely, I would like to wear them myself.
Jesse went to the "Corduroy Appreciation Club" on the 11th of November last year. Once there he was told that "velvet is the fabric of evil". Read the full story here.
Whoa, I did the same thing. This must be some sort of sign.
Black leather is more formal than brown leather. Brown shoes should work for most workplaces, but not at a conservative workplace. If you're wearing black pants, go for black shoes.
Now this is what I call inspiration. Once again, great photos!
Excellent photographs!
VRaivio, there is no option but to love this outfit. All the colours go really well together, the cardigan looks extremly cosy and the pants are adorable. Well done!A.J.V, I didn't like the mix of purple pants and the black turtle neck sweater. The pants are awesome but the sweater is just meh. It's like they're walking in two different directions.
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