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we are planning to redo our kitchen ( and our bathroom, our bedroom etc etc) and plan to have the same light coloured wood, probably beech doors. I plan to use different coloured tiles as a splash back behind the cooker and worktop in reds, oranges and yellows. Not sure about the rest of the kitchen but we'll probably go with a yellow colour. Anything darker and it will look too dark in our kitchen.
Remember too to exfoliate the area. This does not mean some expensive product slathered on the area but somethingas simple as giving it a good scrub with a shower puff or flannel. Definately do not use Nair or any other such cream. It's not to be used on 'sensitive' areas
You: Fancy coming back to my place for Pizza and a shag? Her: No You: What? You don't like Pizza?
Quote: Originally Posted by oldseed for the most part, i thought the advice was good. at least it was for the athletic type. i'm athletic (6'2/200) their advice echoed my own clothing: 2 button suits, low button stance. seed I think you'll find that GQ will mostly aim their articles at the more athletic body type because they assume that is what people want to look like and what they want their reader base to be. There may have...
So last years old news. Paint on a T-shirt is a designer being so arrogant as to assume that people will buy any old tat just because their name is on it. Once a designer goes down that route, I avoid them like the plague
With regards to the suit jacket, remember, a gentleman always shows a bit of shirt cuff.
True NaN, never a good idea
You would be surprised at how many good tailors and seamstresses there are just waiting to be discovered out there. These people may not necessarily have a big shop but may work from home. Why don't you try your local habedashery or sewing shop. They normally have a collection of contact numbers for people willing and able to make a bespoke jacket that is perfectly tailored to suit you. They will also be able to make alterations for you. As they don't have such huge...
There are many good basic sewing machines out there. I'd recommend getting a normal domestic machine then as you get better you could possibly consider a more expensive model such as Bernina ( Swiss made, very good). Most basic machines come with a few different feet on them ie. Buttonhole foot and have a buttonhole feature pre-programmed. With my own machine, it's as simple as 1-2-3-4.: 1 and the machine sews a closely packed zig-zag stich down, 2 + 4 sews a slightly...
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