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Contact me: Via PM or philflip [at] All prices exclude paypal fees. IC: Lost & Found Pants Beautiful L&F pants from FW11. Made from a beautifully textured wool/cotton blend those are excellent for winter. Providing a nice and slim silhouette, yet feeling super comfortable. These are tagged as women's but I find them to be quite unisex. Only been tried on, comes with tags. Retails for 640€, see here Price: 175€ >> 160€ shipped Size: M Material: 33% wool, 22%...
Another one for summer. This is from SS11, graphite dyed and also super light. Has a nice v-neck that isn't too big. Graphite grey with dark-brown areas on the back of the arms (please refer to pictures). Interesting shoulder seam detail but raglan sleeved. This has been worn few times but kept in great condition. Freshly dry cleaned. Retails for 650 USD at HLorenzo: Size: 48 (fits 46 but is...
Fuck it. Tried running again after almost 2 weeks without due to ITBS shit. Daily foam rolling and stuff. Didnt work. Was back home after almost 30mins, knees hurt again.
Dont make a science out of it. Just go to a random store and buy gloves that fit you and that are warm enough for your liking.
I miss running :-\ Still suffering from the ITBS shit.
I have a classic blackroll: And wish I had a harder foam roller... So when doing slowly, yes it hurts but in a good way. Running doesn't work out at all for me, unfortunately. As said, I paused for 1 week with running after having severe issues and then it came back after few distance already. No point even trying...
Thanks for the tips. I unfortunately feel like I dont do the stretching right, as with all of these exercises I feel nothing. Doing foam rolling though, both with a ball and a roller. Feels good. How long did you pause until you tried running again?
Anybody had issues with ITBS already? What did you do to get rid of it?
10k tomorrow morning ... Since my slightly longer run on monday, my outer knee (left) hurts. The run this morning ended pretty painful (didnt have any trouble in the beginning). Sucks. 50k bike this evening without any problems though... strange
Did 18-19km in almost 90mins yesterday... Was quite relaxed so felt good after I checked the distance
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