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Angle is awkward due to attempt to get cufflinks into shot. Guess I need more practice. NB: I just switched out the boldly-patterned belt to let the pants be the attention-getter.
Just received mine from Freeport, with mixed results. The Strawfut looks and feels great! The Kiowa, on the other hand, is going back. I do not see myself proudly sporting a mismatched pair of shoes. Had these been labeled seconds for any other reason, I likely would have kept them. I hope you guys have better luck.
Not a tailor, but that jacket appears very fitted to me, Munsened. The second and third photos show that the shoulders should be wider, IMO. Are you comfortable moving about in that suit? When driving your car? Okay, back to minding my business.
Discounting your requirement that it be expensive, whatever I buy from The Gap ends up being a regrettable purchase. In general, anything that is today's fashion trend but not flattering will likely end up a regrettable purchase.
Gauge is a relative measurement of thickness used for cylindrical products, such as shotgun shells, electrical wire, and apparently thread. The higher number is thinner. A 12 gauge shotgun shell is slimmer than a 10 gauge. My car battery cable is 4 gauge but my speaker wire is 22 gauge. Hope that helps.
Anyone? Here's a pic of a shirt by Hilfiger, circa 2004. The button hole placement is similar to that of the blue shirt, above.
Gents, I could use some consensus: What exactly is the proper placement of button holes for a two-button collar? I just received my first shirts from an online MTM tailor. Both were ordered with the same two-button, wide-spread collar. To my surprise, the button holes are placed differently. For the blue shirt, the upper button hole is closest to the seam; whereas on the black-check shirt the lower button hole is closest. Moreover, the buttons on the blue shirt are the...
Ditto. Nordstrom has a legendary return policy.
Nordstrom's website says the sale goes until Aug 1.The link is broken to the Van Ness. I tried searching for it on AE but failed to find it. Sorry.
Instead of the Park Ave you could get one of the rubber-soled shoes from AE. Some are on clearance now. I believe they are built on last #2, whereas the Park Ave & Strand are built on last #5.
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