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How do you like them? I was thinking of buying a pair for myself. I've been having trouble negotiating the ice and snow and tile with frozen leather after getting inside.
What's everyone's orphan re-unite rate? I'm getting pretty down because I'm under 5%...so many nice jackets I've found, but no pants! ..despite so many orphans, a couple good things happened at the thrifts recently: - A kid was pushing a toy car down the isle and before I could react, went head first into my cart at full speed. He was about 6 or so, so wasn't too hurt, but shocked and embarrassed when I asked if he was ok. - I was browsing the blazers and the ties were...
I'm looking for SNS Herning Stark or similar in non-blue or black colors, size Large. I'm willing to pay decently for it, but I'm having problems finding them. If anyone knows of people selling or even online retailer sales, let me know!
By far my favorite blazers. I have 2 and love them. Great find!
Naked & Famous NWT Lightweight Selvedge Weird Guy Raw Denim 33 Waist: 35 Inches Inseam: 35 Inches Rise: 10.75 Inches Leg: 7.5 Inches (Measured at Cuff) 2191
Rag & Bone RB15X Slim Straight Teal Pants 35 Waist: 35 Inches (0 inches material available) Inseam: 34 Inches (0 inches material available) Rise: 11.25 Inches Leg: 8 Inches (Measured at Cuff) Pleats: No Cuffs: No Bought these, but they fit larger than tagged. $185 Original Price, Button Fly, Marked 33 but measure 35 2323
Can I get some assistance with identifying a maker? It's made for a high end menswear store here in Canada. The "Napoli" as well as the red dotted "i" remind me of Kiton, but the tag doesn't match.
I was at a conference yesterday and one of the presenters was wearing a Robert Graham shirt; it's the first time I've ever seen one worn in person. The way he wore it was very odd to, having the cups turned up (to show off the signature crazy patterns), but he had the sleeves so long, that they were almost at correct length even when turned.
I was in pretty much the same situation as this; I always have a half a second pause when I see one of those early 90's hilfiger jackets at the thrift; what I would have done to find one of those 20 years ago! If I was fortunate enough to have been able to afford Hilfiger and Nautica back then, I wouldn't have been comfortable heading back into the thrift stores and getting into this odd hobby.
If you need a set of clips, let me know. You can have them for the price of shipping. I found a pair of shoes, but have Shimano pedals on my bike.
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