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why don't you just shoot straight on? Most manequins can be raised on their central post as well, then you can get the carpet right out of the shot.
You're not going to get much love for a replica watch here. Any good Seiko's in the bunch?I'm interested in the vintage Brietling; you should post some pics of that.
What's a good way to get cologne smell out of suede? I picked up a a nice jacket, but the previous owner was generous with the fragrance and it's smelling up the place.
We need some furniture or Brioni coats with holes to argue over; we've resorted to talking business...get to it!
Blue bins is way better than yours? Do you just throw things in piles on the floor, because I'm sure that's the only way it gets worse.Imagine looking for something in those bins. Isle 4, row 3, 3rd bin down, about 3/4 of the way to the bottom of the bin?Large production numbers does not equal quality. I may be small time at the moment; but my setup is designed for efficiency, care of the product, and being prepared for growth. Items are assigned an inventory number once...
This sucks, although I agree with the Global shipping program being shit. I get similar complaints about shipping from Canada being more than they expect from the US sellers.Via USPS I rarely get charged customs (
I don't understand why you would leave a negative comment on their page for something that was not their fault? They executed properly and were not deserving of a negative, but it seems like an unfair ding to sneak it into the positive comments. How does that comment positively encourage sales to the potential buyers that are reading through the comments?I'd rather have no feedback than a mixed message.
Anyone else notice an uptake of "not positive" postive feedback? I've been getting a lot of "fits smaller than tagged" and similar feedback in the past few months. I know it's just a positive feedback number after it gets bumped off the first page, but they seem to bother me.
This is a hard one, because the market kind of dictates what things sell for.my current regret is a BBC leather varsity. I made a lot of money on it, but could have doubled it if I held out
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