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This isn't so straight forward. If the buyer opens up a return request under a legit category; you would have to honor the return based on that criteria despite what they might have said before. They'll look it over with a microscope to find some reason that will warrant a return. It's happened to me before.
Given the recent headlines, I would avoid putting "Cosby" in the title when selling. I don't know if therapist look is in right now
Ebay resolution is a total farce. Buyer claimed I sold him a size 30 pants even though I had a picture with a measuring tape showing 33 inch waist, just as it was listed..but they still decided with him! If a measuring tape does not decide in a seller's favour against the opinion of a buyer, what's the point?
Who was it that found the Haliburton cases? They just released some "limited edition vintage edition" ones for $1200
I saw one once in someone else's cart, but it stung less because from the size of it, it was a woman's small or kids.It most likely is a reasonable amount; depending on condition and the features. I would spend a lot of time on the watch forums reading up on the watches before you make a purchase. Similar to clothes in this forum, there are lots of details that make the difference in watches. Omega makes a variety of watches, from $1500 quartz versions to $700,000 diamond...
I've never had this happen; but had the reverse a few times... "this is supposed the be a showcase item"
I picked up a blazer with the owner's name stitched inside, so I decided to look it up. The previous owner was "charged in relation to a file where police seized 18 kilograms of cocaine"!
Good morning all! What's the rule with Schott jackets, are they all a pickup? I grabbed the following navy pea coat, but left a couple of others behind as they were unremarkable to say the least.
What should I do regarding this message: "I recently purchased 'Canali Kei Blazer from you. The jacket arrived today and while everything fits, the button stance is way to high for me (the middle button is too by about 3 inches). I would like to return it for refund if possible." I don't do refunds, but am afraid of a negative feedback...do I offer take it back with a restocking fee?
It isn't a horrible buy, but I would have passed as would many of the people here because it's not outstanding. The real reason that it got so much hate is because it was posted with a (perhaps only perceived) attitude as "screw you guys and your opinions on my previous finds, look at this grail item". If he would not have gone off on senior members here the page before, it would have just been ignored.
New Posts  All Forums: