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I'm no expert, so I would have passed on these....3 way colab (CdG, Opening Cerimony, and Levis) with spelling mistakes would scare me away
what size are the etros? I have a weakness for any non-striped Etro shirts.And sorry if it's been posted about, I've been away or a bit and haven't caught up on the thread much, but it's worth a repeat.PSA Barney's website has a crazy sale on, got a notice about Drakes stuff. Ties for $60 and pocket squares at $29. I would have bought a few, but Fedex (which they use) rapes us Canadians with customs charges at the border.
man I'm stupid (or it's just a long week); I missed the 3 digits because I was focusing on the 6 digit one. Thanks for your help!
Here is a tag; it looks like it might be different in my area than yoursany idea? Could it be week of 5/25?
Does anyone know how to interpret the Savers / VV tags? I found a couple good items and want to figure out if it's worth camping out for the next few days, or if that's the end of the donation that I found.
duplicate post...sorry
European or American size 50? Will it be available after cleaning? I want that velvet blazer!
Sucks because he made a bad call on the suits....Zegna and Canalis at $30 isn't bad..if they were recent I would have bought them all at that price. You don't have to compete with Frenchy, just clean up the scraps in his wake. If that was my area, I'd be sure to give Frenchy the props he deserves and ask him to tip you off on stuff he passes.
Not all e-thrifts go well...I got this email this morning (after I sent payment last night): "I asked you please not pay this item I would cancel because of low bid. So please cancel." You can't cancel because of the winning bid being too low; unfortunately I doubt this is going to work out well for me, he's just going to refuse to ship. I'll get refunded of course, but I'd rather have that cashmere scarf for my wife than the $1.64.
If you have problems finding one used and need to buy new, I would recommend Everlane. I bought one of their weekend bags and am happy with the quality, and they're under $100. Brooks Brothers has a sailcloth one on sale that I quite like the look of, but it is more casual in design (racing design).
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