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Very nice. I found a cashmere blazer under that brand a while back. Have you checked out their store in Toronto?
Orphans actually worked out well for me today. At Salvation Army they had blazers for $2, pants for $2 sale; with suits not discounted. I was able to unite a couple of very recent Boss and Samuelsohn suits. ..about time I got some matches. I run at less than 5% at finding lost brothers.
Etro almost follows the Robert Graham mould, the louder and crazier the pattern, the better they do.Pattern shirts do quite well, stripes and solids don't have much demand. Suits and blazers, are for sure a pickup; once again, the louder the better...they do sell well, $150 - $200 without a problem; more for louder stuff.If you find patterned pants in 34, or shirts 40/41 let me know!
I agree; it will sell within a week, so you'll be able to pay off the credit card easy too.
..diggin those pants!
The button on the inside pocket should be a match, you might have another on the other side as well.
A good pass. It's not a well regarded watch with little demand. $150 + repair costs; you might make your money back, but wouldn't be worth the risk or time...all this is assuming it was real.
I feel this way as well. It also leaves 2 free hands to flip through items.I also use it as a temporary hold for items as well...if it's in my cart, then it's mine until I change my mind. You can always put something back, but you can't always go and pick something up later, someone might have snagged it already.I also use the baby seat as a place to hold orphans; keeps them separated from the other stuff and easy to check for mates...and carts are also great for setting...
I'm not a huge fan of unvented blazers, but there definitely is a segment that prefers them. I had a double vented blazer go to someone who told me he was going to get the vents tailored shut.
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