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I've been reading that book a post at a time. The information you put out in this thread is invaluable.
You don't have to leave it at a jeweller to get it authenticated; they can tell you right off what is is. I found a ring once and brought it to a jeweller; found out it was white sapphire not diamond. It took him 3 seconds.
I'd love a pair of those. I need to step up my pajama game; now that I have 2 little girls, I need to make sure I'm dressed appropriate in bed. I don't want to get caught off guard and damage anyone for life.I don't have a huge collection, but far more than I'd wear in a couple of years. I found the way to best limit myself is just use the one rack. It has 20 hooks or so; if I get a new tie, one has to come off to make space.
..because you're not fresh!
You didn't miss out. Tim Hortons is kind of shit. The coffee isn't good and donuts aren't fresh, they're made from frozen.
Do you know who made the Canadian stuff? It's usually Samuelsohn, Coppley, or Jack Victor making for others here.I did watch a fairly interesting documentary about menswear made in America on Netflixit featured a bunch of great companies such as Oxxford, Tellason, and Oak Street Bootmakers.
your photography is spot on! The only thing I would recommend is getting one of those clear plastic collar supports; they cost only pennies and hold the collar up in form, with that you're shirt photos would be catalogue quality. You might be able to get some free from your dry cleaner.Frenchy; I'm blown away by that haul! Every piece is amazing!
Very nice. I found a cashmere blazer under that brand a while back. Have you checked out their store in Toronto?
Orphans actually worked out well for me today. At Salvation Army they had blazers for $2, pants for $2 sale; with suits not discounted. I was able to unite a couple of very recent Boss and Samuelsohn suits. ..about time I got some matches. I run at less than 5% at finding lost brothers.
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