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I should have thought out my assumption a bit more. If they were able to buy clothes using government money, then the selection would be great, but as a personal expense, they're bound to cheap out. I wish the NHL would follow the NBA in regards to clothing style. We have all those hockey millionaires walking about in old jeans and a t-shirt.I knew Florian was from outside Mtl, but couldn't remember how close.Vancouver would be good, lots of money like you say. I haven't...
That's good, I don't need any more competition!There's not any politician money floating around there? You would think there would be a good navy suit (in sizes 42+), white shirt, and solid tie selection there at least.we've got Canada pretty well covered, I know the following areas have members:CalgaryEdmontonOttawaHamiltonGTAMontreal or QC (can't remember exactly)...anyone else?
What city? From 1 mil I'm guessing Calgary or Missisauga...
I will, but it doesn't feel like justice. Many of us who've sold stuff on ebay have had things sell for less than what we've hoped and just bit the bullet and honored the sale....no, it was a 0.99 auction that ended with one bid of 0.99 (me).
I'm finding an increasing problem with ethrifting, this is happening quite frequently for me now "im not selling you a $2000 dollar Versace suit for $1 i have refunded ur money " a choice between taking a big hit on a $1 auction start or a negative feedback, of course they'll just take a neg feedback.
That Canali! That's the new label too!...and that PZ su misera; so nice!Thrift prices on those?
I do know this, but willing to live with a little less attention to details and fabrics to get the look and fit that I wanted. It wasn't for a lack of trying, I did drop some big money on a Boglioli blazer to find the fit to not work.
I found something I've been wanting for about a year now, a unlined unstructured navy patch pocket blazer. It's a Michael Kors, which isn't regarded highly, but fits and is exactly what I needed. I was getting all pissed off because I drove to some far away thrifts and was coming up empty. Second store and was through all the suits and blazers already with nothing, then hit a bunch of pretty recent samuelsohn blazers and something I've been wanting for a long time right at...
I know I just posted, but I have to comment on this... maybe try a shirt and pants for a fit pic! I know you picked up some awesome denim in Japan, so throw on a pair and a shirt!...or it could just be your signature photo:Eazy: contemplative expression, looking past the camera or off to the sideSpoo: pic one - chest level, pic two: foot shot showing J Crew pants and shoes worth more than everything you're currently wearingBarrel: shorts and no shirt; too busy lifting!
You can not make broad generalizations when it comes to brands, with a few exceptions. Canali can be good, but some of what you purchased is very old. Not everything old is desirable as styles can look dated. Paul Stuart, BB, and Polo can also look dated and the brands are not uncommon, so once again, you have to look for recent and/or desirable pieces. Eton has it's fans and haters. Many on this forum like their stuff, and many do not. Once again, knowing the labels will...
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