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Can I get some assistance with identifying a maker? It's made for a high end menswear store here in Canada. The "Napoli" as well as the red dotted "i" remind me of Kiton, but the tag doesn't match.
I was at a conference yesterday and one of the presenters was wearing a Robert Graham shirt; it's the first time I've ever seen one worn in person. The way he wore it was very odd to, having the cups turned up (to show off the signature crazy patterns), but he had the sleeves so long, that they were almost at correct length even when turned.
I was in pretty much the same situation as this; I always have a half a second pause when I see one of those early 90's hilfiger jackets at the thrift; what I would have done to find one of those 20 years ago! If I was fortunate enough to have been able to afford Hilfiger and Nautica back then, I wouldn't have been comfortable heading back into the thrift stores and getting into this odd hobby.
If you need a set of clips, let me know. You can have them for the price of shipping. I found a pair of shoes, but have Shimano pedals on my bike.
...coming from Eddie; Oh Shit!
We already had snow fall, so cashmere underwear sounds quite comfortable; not many swamps around when it's below freezing.
I received this message on ebay today: Dear div25sec9, thanks for the feedback, in your dreams i would ever sell a $2000 suit for 99 cents your a piece of shit - dpadgroup ....what a pleasant fellow! ...and no the topic of US healthcare....why is it so hard for them to figure it out. They figured out how to use the tax system to pay for other expensive stuff like roads and bridges, why not do the same for hospitals? As mentioned before, in Canada we get a very...
I should have thought out my assumption a bit more. If they were able to buy clothes using government money, then the selection would be great, but as a personal expense, they're bound to cheap out. I wish the NHL would follow the NBA in regards to clothing style. We have all those hockey millionaires walking about in old jeans and a t-shirt.I knew Florian was from outside Mtl, but couldn't remember how close.Vancouver would be good, lots of money like you say. I haven't...
That's good, I don't need any more competition!There's not any politician money floating around there? You would think there would be a good navy suit (in sizes 42+), white shirt, and solid tie selection there at least.we've got Canada pretty well covered, I know the following areas have members:CalgaryEdmontonOttawaHamiltonGTAMontreal or QC (can't remember exactly)...anyone else?
What city? From 1 mil I'm guessing Calgary or Missisauga...
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