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No problem....it took me a while to find out what it was too; the font didn't make it easy. I was kind of surprised with how little they were charging; considering the quality they are; easily on par with my zegnas and canalis....I have a soft spot for wool ties too; that one you found is top notch
they have that many Cantillons here!...from about 5 years ago (in my pre-SF clothing phase). Great little tour.
i found a tie by them a short while back and picked it up because the quality seemed quite good. They are a small Italian tie company (handmade in Rome), very reasonably priced (a blog showed about 25euros each), but not well known (or in demand on the 2nd hand market). Good for a personal pickup.http://www.sciunnach.com/en/
I like how they both were marked up. $15 for NWT Berubrry!
I hear you on this...it seems to be a widespread Canadian issue. It's one of those dry spells, so it's got to break soon (I sound like a gambling addict a bit there).It's been so dry for me lately, I've even run into a usual spot being closed for the day for some random reason, just when I made a specific trip out there.
I wish we had a proper themed festival here. They went from Klondike days to Capital X to K-Days. At least if they stuck with the Klondike theme, I could rock some vintage workwear. I really like the Levis shirt. I'd dress cowboy just to wear that!That's an awesome suit, and the fit is great. I'd take it off the sale pile too.
I'll be away during that time, so I won't be able to attend...but I'm interested when another get together is planned. ...I would also suggest someplace more inclusive; some of us use SF to improve the way we dress and don't have the budget to be dining at Edmonton's finest. I'm not talking about some shitty chain, just a good value for the money. ...I hope I didn't come off as a cheap-ass
Speed stick and Ivory bars.Are you looking for someone to justify your recent Axe purchase? ...didn't quite turn out like the commercials, did it?
I would suggest maybe just ebaying one. That's a very uncommon size; it's not that everyone on the forums are ignoring you
I was thinking the same thing....but I wrote it off because: if you're a Keanu fan, your perception might be a bit off
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