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Good to know. Thanks.
I recently picked up my first pair of raw denim and ended up selecting the UB301s in size 33. However, I'm unable to get button the top 2 buttons. I'm aware that most jeans will stretch to the point that one button can be eventually buttoned but is it recommended for two? The thighs and legs fit great but I'm just curious if I should size up to 34 as I know they're sanforized and aren't likely to stretch much.
I ended up going with Unbranded 301s for my first pair of raw denim. However, the 33's I ordered leave me unable to button the top 2 buttons. The legs fit well but I'm just not able to pull them up all the way and finish buttoning them. I know stretching will usually allow one to get the top button closed but is this recommended for when the top 2 aren't closing? Or would it be better for me to move up to a 34?
Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.Ended up ordering a pair of Unbranded 301s to try. Had free returns from Urban Outfitters so I went with two pairs to see for sizing purposes.
Been reading this site for a while and, after having read quite a bit, am looking to try some raw denim. However, I have a few questions regarding just what will actually fit me. At 6'1, 195 and having been an avid squatter in the gym for a while, my thighs measure approximately 24.25 inches (using approx. 1 inch below the crotch for measurement). Because of this, I am unable to even pull up most slim or straight leg jeans I've tried on. 501s are very tight on me and make...
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