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Long time since I've posted anything. Hope this isn't too casual? [[SPOILER]]
Pocket square-game is strong with this one!
First of all, it's not that big of a deal. The shoes look quite new, so I understand it's a bummer getting a stain this early on, but the stain is in a spot where it's not going to show so much that it should bother you too much. If spot cleaning with vinegar doesn't work, to get the stain out completely, I would use a leather schampoo like Saphir Omni'nettoyant, Shoeboys Combischaum or such, but then you would have to treat that whole part of the shoe (from the heel seem...
Just put down a deposit for the Carmina GMTO that's up and running now; a double monk in brown museum calf on the inca-last. Gonna be sick as hell!
I feel you. Not too keen on burgundy, but black might have been the best suited.Yes, charcoal/anthracite.
Yesterdays attire. I'm thinking of hemming the trousers just a tad shorter for a better fall.
X-post from MC Casual.Yesterday's attire from a sunny Stockholm!I did, as you see, add a pocketsquare after the first picture was taken. [[SPOILER]]
They're from Brooks Brothers, so try there.
Thanks man!It's a pullover, eventually it did get a little bit looser around the neck, but i prefer it that way so the collar stays in place.Shoes are Carmina (80201, Simpson last).
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