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I love saddle shoes but agree that they are not the way to "step up your game" with your current uniform. They are a way to make a nice statement with non-traditiional khakis and jeans. If you are not going to change the khaki/BB look, I say find some nice suede shoes. Suede is different and brings a nice polish to your look. Although non-traditional colors are in right now (I have some blue ones now); you can just go with some very nice brown or tan ones for under $300.
Business casual to me means something less than a suit, or even less than slacks and blazers. Out here, that means chinos, cords, maybe, very slight maybe "dressy" jeans, and anything but a t shirt. The jeans and tie/jacket are inconsistent. Jeans/Blazer, okay. Not a tie or a vest.
My suggestion for the office is no strap. I bought a saddle bag type in lieu of a briefcase 20 years ago and love it. Not a fan of zippers either.
I just brought a pair of shoes that I installed Topys on to get them removed. They feel different than my leather soled shoes and I want to get back to that. I've had Topys on two pairs for about 3 years and wish I never put them on.
I spend about $125 at the most but have discovered some fantastic Charvets, etc. second-hand on eBay for around $40-50.
If you truly want something that will serve you the best over the long haul, look for a Hickey Freeman on sale at Nordstrom (not Nordstrom Rack.) Make sure its the top end (which should retail for around $1500). Usually, on sale you have to pay for the tailoring but that's less than $100. You'll be saving $500-$600. They are good looking, long lasting, durable suits.
There will be plenty of opportunities to wear it. Most court appearances are NOT situations where the judge is going to care what tie you are wearing. Most are pro forma. Unless its a high worth white collar crime, the client is not going to care much either.
I use leather saddlebag-type briefcase. Wear and tear just ads more character and very durable.
You could go lightweight tan suit. Or even a cotton blue one. I would Google Haspel suits to find one. They made my seersucker one and its fairly well made.
If you've got the room, just keep them because as time goes by, you'll notice that what is out now will come back into fashion. Geometrics look dated now but they were all the rage in the 90's.
New Posts  All Forums: