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In my opinion, these guys are idiots who want to keep everyone at their lifestyle level. They are the same ones who tease or criticize you when you ace an exam, or get the manager promotion, or date the hot chick, or get the pay raise. You’ll always run into these lowlifes throughout your career, as have many of us. What I usually say is “yes. This is how I choose dress. Just like you’re free to dress however you choose”. As you move up in your career, you’ll realize that...
They look very similar to a pair of Allen Edmond "Ramsey". Although the Ramsey has a "Brandy" color to the leather.
I just love the J. Peterman catalog. The only thing that bothers me about it is that all the pictures are drawings of the actual products. I wish I could go to some web-site and see the actual item to avoid disappointment when the item arrives. For example; I purchased the Heirloom Gladstone bag. While the catalog picture has a rich dark colored bag, the actual bag is the color of new light tan leather. And the brass hardware is awfully shiny, especially the latch. The bag...
New Posts  All Forums: