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Zara Woman's version of the Devon $90 USD YSL.COM image:
Makes sense that there wouldn't be any additional seams for faux python/stamped leather unless they really want to give the impression of them being real python, down to seaming the leather to cut cost.
Haha. I was thinking the same thing. I'm 6'1" with broad shoulders and 39" chest, but two of FW16 shirts I tried on were tiny in a Large; the viscose shirts fit relaxed/normal however.It was also pretty humid and around 83F in NYC.He wore the studded biker and sparkle Wyatts for his stage performance with Britney SpearsThe velvet look isn't how I would do it, but other than styling preference I don't see anything offensive. Theres nothing more rock and roll than a IDGAF...
Black Calf Chelsea Wyatt or Black Calf Devon. Chelsea boots are a classic style and because of its lack of hardware and overall lack of detailing make it ideal to be worn with suits (like the Beatles). Both the Devon Wyatt/Hedi styles definitely have more attitude and edge to them than something someone from the Men's Classic section would probably wear, just enough to make them special. All of these things make them appropriate for denim too. To me there's nothing more...
Article on BoF about the future of Hedi's team and the broader implications of his satellite set-up What Happened to Saint Laurent’s LA-based Team After Hedi Slimane Left?
Tried on the calf chelsea in the store. I'm really digging the look of the shoe, very sleek silhouette. I tried them on with my worn-to-death-distressed-twice-washed black D01 and they looked great. In addition to having washed them (warm?) before, I'm 6'1" with long legs so my jeans don't have much break. I think these are a nice alternative to the Wyatts. I'm getting the black suede ones since I have black calf Wyatt chelsea's, but would gladly scoop the calf ones as an...
Debating ordering the Chelsea's online to see them in person now.Also, everyone deciding between calf vs suede Deven boots - calf was bought in way more limited numbers than suede for the US Saint Laurent stores.
Bump, got another pair for sale
I feel you on the maintenance, but you could probably hand wash/spot clean. I will probably just dry clean once a month if that since I don't see myself wearing it more than once or twice every two to three weeks. Being the last collection of Hedi/a runway style (looks like they may be used the shirt, but accessorized with matching scarf instead doing it pussy bow shirt) I don't see myself getting rid of this shirt.Has anyone tried machine washing their viscose SLP shirts?...
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