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What is the condition of the tie?
What time is all this happening?
I've had a quite limited sartorial experience when it comes to custom/bespoke. Prior to NSM I had only had a jacket done by Mr. Ned. Aside from that RL Black Label and Blue Label and random brands of various qualities.Here's images of my jacket and the cloth I passed for my next jacket:Uploaded with ImageShack.us
I picked up my first jacket from Mina and Dino this past Monday and I'm in love. The jacket is so light and comfortable it's unlike any other I've ever worn. I also dropped off some fabric for my next piece and can't way for my fitting in May.
I did the same thing
He must be getting a lot of complements on the jacket this weekend.
I had Mr. Ned make my wedding jacket; black hopsack "Mecury super 120s" with smoked MOP buttons (I provider th buttons), 3 roll/2, side vented. The styling was based on a Polo Blue label jacket I own, so my only request was a soft American style shoulder and slim not tight fit. I am happy with the results. Varham executed the jacket exactly as I requested. I'm not sure where the dissatisfaction with them comes from. He is pretty up front about what he will/can do and...
I picked up a pair of calfskin Marlow/Darlton tassel loafers and was wondering if there's a C&J lasted shoe tree for it.
My first appointment in July(?) was just measurements and picking cloth.
I think everything will need to be re-cut. I'm 6'1" with long arms and don't mind a shorter length jacket however this looked a size or two short length wise. The jacket was also a bit tight at the arm scythe, which Mina noted before I even thought to mention it. The shoulders and buttoning point she makered were good. She prefaced my fitting by noting the importance of latter with length being something easy to correct. They took extensive photos of me and even video, so...
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