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For me personally it would be the one SLP boot I currently own, the side gore black leather Wyatt/Hedi 40. It's the most versatile boot to me; it can be worn with everything from suits to tee and jeans combo and not look out of place.
I'm guessing no. To achieve the look of the runway would have probably been way too expensive. Can you imagine how many shirt would have to be discarded (thereby driving up the cost of manufacture) because it didn't have the perfect asymmetric flame pattern that someone/some thing has to reproduce for every piece globally)? I do think the runway/ysl.com product image version is doper, but the production version is good too (haven't seen it in person)
Agreed.I am not familiar with French law, but I think they're more strict with IP when it comes to fashion compared to America. How much more strict and what that means in regards to designs in this situation I can't say. Hedi is/was an employee of Kering, I can't imagine they would allow everything he created to belong to him. Could anyone imagine Apple or Toyota giving a creative director of a product line sole ownership of their creations (that for that matter was...
I've noticed they use two different zippers on the denim. I would guess it depends on the washing process.
Agreed. I'm reminded of something Karl Lagerfeld said when Hedi left Dior Homme, I'm a follower of designers, not brands (might be paraphrasing).
http://www.endclothing.com/us/brands/saint-laurent/saint-laurent-damaged-skinny-jean-410113-y839l-4302.htmlIt doesn't appear all of the Spring 100% cotton denim is selvedge, but at least some of it is.Edited: fixed the link to the right jeans
I've noticed that not only are the SS16 main denim offerings mostly non stretch 100% cotton, they also appear to be selvedge denim. I remember when Hedi first took over there was a SLP selvedge offering, but it seems it never was developed beyond raw denim until this season.
It hasn't been so unusual to do something like this. Off the tip of my head in the recent seasons Tom Ford has shown in LA and Givenchy showed in NYC this past September. In regards to LA I think there's been a lot of ado about it in the past few years (the attention paid to celebrities/Hollywood, musicians/recording industry, fashion industry and other creative people migrating there, etc.) I'm looking forward to the presentation.
Seems like the Surf Sound collection served as a vehicle to introduce: 1. Saint Laurant swimwear 2. A new skinny/slim (semantics) 100% cotton jean...
The composition of those jeans you posted is 100% cotton like the SS 16 runway ripped knee jean (based on ysl.com and LVR). I wouldn't be surprised if the fit was different from the FW15 mid rise which I think had the 2% stretch that all standard black SLP jeans have.
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