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MuchMuch appreciated!
Yeah, is there a code? I logged in and went to the link, but not discount is showing up
I've also been trying to find some images of worn and washed SLP raw denim. I have a pair of black D01's I've been wearing for almost a year now and I want to see what I can expect from a machine wash. I suppose all the washed jeans are examples of possible outcomes.
Mr Porter sale started. Picked up the braided trim camouflage jacket in my size (52) early this morning at 2:30-ish am. The rest of the sizes didn't make it to this afternoon.
What is the condition of the tie?
What time is all this happening?
I've had a quite limited sartorial experience when it comes to custom/bespoke. Prior to NSM I had only had a jacket done by Mr. Ned. Aside from that RL Black Label and Blue Label and random brands of various qualities.Here's images of my jacket and the cloth I passed for my next jacket:Uploaded with ImageShack.us
I picked up my first jacket from Mina and Dino this past Monday and I'm in love. The jacket is so light and comfortable it's unlike any other I've ever worn. I also dropped off some fabric for my next piece and can't way for my fitting in May.
I did the same thing
He must be getting a lot of complements on the jacket this weekend.
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