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Ha! I haven't done precise measurements, of course, just my impression. Maybe it's due to my jackets being also quarter not half lined and having light half canvas...not sure. But Kent and I agree on the last point at least, that unstructured wool jackets tend to look sloppy.
The biggest gain in terms of making a jacket suitable for warm weather is removal of lining. Next is type of fabric weave (porous and open is better, of course), last would be having an unstructured construction. But by then you have a rather shapeless jacket, probably. I have several quarter lined jackets in wool and they work very well when the temp and humidity go up.
I think the two you're looking at are from the same run so they should be identical in terms of cut, sizing and design. The new run of Bella Spallas is a bit larger, longer and with lower buttoning point. As for fabric differences, they will always be there, different weaves and colors and compositions; that's the beauty of it.
Light grey, but better yet cream, or off white for a true summer look
For watches, the "made in the USA" part is, mostly, the straps:
Well, it was going well but NOW YOU JINXED IT. On a serious note: are the pants the same cut as the recent flannels you produced (which are for sale for on the website)? If so, I may be reaching for my wallet because the flannels were super nice (fit, material and finish) Thanks!
Ahem, I mean, ummm, congratulations to the winners...
Well done, guys, congratulations!
The new version is slightly roomier, with lower butting point and wider lapels than the old one. IMHO, the old one was very close to SuSu Havana in the way it fit me, the new one is a touch roomier. It's a good improvement for me but your experience may be different. But if I wanted to take the waist in by 1/2 inch it would almost be just like the old model. Fit aside, the fabric and construction are excellent and easily a couple of notches above SuSu.
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