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^ I think it's gone...I saw it a good while back, maybe half a year? Nothing on the recent ones (but they are slimmer too) They probably turned over their stock once or twice since the into of the "new" extra slim fit
^ I have a couple of their cords and I am on my second set of their non-iron chinos in slim fit (three pairs). YMMV but I find the cut very flattering, not skinny but sufficiently slim; the higher rise also helps them to be more of a "grown" pant than the skinny low risers so common these days. Quality is good and they retain shape and crease pretty well. I hope you'll enjoy them!
Well done, indeed - congratulations! And did you just say canvas? If you do your initial soft briefcase in canvas with leather trim, I am in. Let's go then!
This isn't difficult, guys: https://www.massdrop.com/faq No returns, btw, and usually manufacturer's warranty.
Hi, does the fall collection use better fabrics than previous ones? I really like the cut but the fabrics have been a bit of a hit and miss: I like my check jacket from last fall but this year's navy hopsack was disappointing (lots of piling makes it look like it's 10 yrs old already).
This might be helpful to some of you guys in determining your strategy: http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21662595-economists-may-idolise-auctions-most-people-do-not-block
This. I have to move cuff buttons to narrow the opening on my Spier shirts now, I don't think I had to do before....
Thanks, I thought you were perhaps suggesting the very nice straps at $400 that Hirsh and others carry.I'll save those for when OR if I get an omega, perhaps
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