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Most of the samples look a bit too flashy for my taste - it's the two tone nature of it, I think; the contrast is too high, almost gimmicky. The blue and green (3 and 5) appear more muted but it's hard to tell...
i'll take blame for the missing slim checks...sorry
Darn, I feel cheated! At a glance, the pics Rick posted looked like solids...on the website they turned to dobbies... arg. Ended up ordering three Edingburgh checks so I am still happy
Agree wholeheartedly on the pick stitching, rick's proposal sounds way over the top. In many applications too much pick stitching just ends up looking cheap (and now that it's mostly machine done you can see it migrate down from the top line levels). I'd dial back to, for sure.
I am with you 100% ^^The cut is there right now, construction and finish need a bit of work (my lining has separated in a few places across my S&M jackets) but the biggest issue are the fabrics. No point in going full canvas at $600 with current fabrics, you need to upgrade to decent VBC and similar. Even some of the more basics 100's are superior to what S&M currently offers. Then, I am IN!!!
I have staked my claim to the cream HY pants mentioned above, just in time for the summer weather. Many thanks to @razl and @Claghorn!
Do you offer half or quarter lined jackets?
I'd describe it as medium-light. The fabric is light and the weave allows for some air circulation but the front is lined (it is a half lined jacket). I have a strong preference for my true summer coats to be unlined (except in the shoulders and sleeves) and the few that I have, even wool and wool/silk/linen blends wear much cooler that lined jackets (including all linen ones). You could also find fabric with more open weave but it might look a bit more causal and...
Rick, I think it comes down to fabrics. I still prefer SS in terms of both quality and choice. Your cut is superior to theirs, at least as far as my posture and size are concerned, so getting better fabric options would be a tremendous boon for me. (Same goes for trousers).I now own three jackets, three pairs of pants and six or seven shirts so I am definitely a content customer, but there's always room to improve
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