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For what it's worth, I am 5'9 and 160, average build. Slim fir in pants fits me better than contemporary BUT I take contemporary 38 in jackets.
I had the same question while I was in the store today. Was told mid-October BUT, more importantly, I saw a sample hopsack in the store............. (And Rick beat me to the answer. My drooling emoji shall remain, however. The samples I saw look great!)
I just picked up two pairs, they are a nice mid-weight, three season fabric. I'll start wearing them when the daytime highs start dropping below 15 degrees.
^ in case there is none left for me on Monday, where do you live, Dapper?
Depending on how bad the weather is I go from usuing my regular shoes (with a nice coat of mink oil), to swims, to inexpensive boots from J&M to full on snow boots (and I keep a pair of oxfords in my office to change into). The mink oil does wonders, I haven't had to worry about salt stains for years.
^ got my sock shipment today. They look good and I hope they'll wear well.
Weird. The "free" option was "local pickup" for me, the only other option was shipping for $10 which I chose. (I am in Toronto, BTW)
There is:http://www.canadianbusiness.com/innovation/change-agent/rikky-khanna-spier-mackay/
Rick, I went to the store today and picked up this beauty: http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/5205_blue__red_check___woolcashmere___contemporary_fit The cloth is wonderful, warm and soft, a very nice three season jacket. I'll be officially picking it up next week after the sleeves are adjusted. But it looks like your fabric game went up big time. I also looked at the mid grey suit and it was also terrific. (Almost identical to one I already have, though so...
Brilliant, will be there tomorrow
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