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^^ wow, awesome
Fur future reference: all SS jackets have functional cuffs, I believe their coats have them too
ever thought of asking her why she did it and then not to do it again?
Not sure there are many opportunities to score them at well below $300. Occasionally retailers like Rego (in the exchange tower) will have a sale, maybe match AE's own online sale. You may get lucky then.
small pet peeve of mine: I am not a fan of the rather visible stitching on some shirts, would prefer a better blend of fabric and thread colors...
this warehouse sale is surprising news..has this happened before, at other SS stores?!?
Give them away
It's just the way it is...
In the end it's a matter of preference but trying to be rather objective, I don't think your shirt sleeves are too long, certainly not by an inch, a quarter maybe, half inch if you push me... The jacket is too short overal, you need another inch or inch and a half in my opinion. If regular doesn't work for you then maybe you need to try a different cut...
Why did you go with short? Jacket sleeves are VERY short and so is the overall length....
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