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Tissot BUT I'd actually go with the SARB035 showcased in the neighboring post..
And Rick, @spiermackay, when did you say the moleskin trousers would be available? Thanks
serious question: do people wear popovers with ties?!
You don't need to call them out on anything. When their first collection launched the fact that the bags were made in China was openly discussed, at least on this forum. For this latest Kickstaret campaign they have a FAQ item that directly speaks to the place of manufacture of the collection (other answers deal with sourcing materials, etc): "The Mini and The Tulip will be made in Italy, and The Canvas Tote, The Linen Tote, The Backpack and The Briefcase will be made in...
Put me down for a LOT. I need to replace 4 pairs of my 'dressy' chinos. Take my money now, Rick!
By your logic Apple is not an American company then? Plus, I thought Linjer was moving their bag production to Italy. They already produced scarves there, I believe.
Oh, YEAH.Will the trouser style be very casual or slightly more formal?
SPIER & MACKAY: "Thomas Mason just recently rolled out Non-Iron cloth about a year ago, we are looking into bringing a small range in the next few months."
Rick doesn't want to yield on this one, unfortunately. It's the only thing that prevents me from buying more (or going custom if non-iron was offered via MTM).Hopefully in time he'll relent!
Ah! I was hoping for a natural canvas - or will the green be light enough as in khaki-olive or will it be darker, more saturated like the navy (pictured)? Edit - I suppose the green is pictured above - the backpack?
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