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My advice from a couple of pages back to give SuitSupply footwear a try was met with silence. It's ok, as a married man, I am used to it. But I'd like to repeat it. To me they are a good entry point at under 300 Canadian.
I saw a comment about Meermin and/or Carmina on the forum that said that they would if requested. I took it to mean a phone conversation directly with Spain. I have never ordered from them though so I can't speak from experience. As a side note, I found that Suitsupply improved their footwear quality. They're Blake stitched and while a few years ago I found their soles and leathers too thin, it seems they've gotten better. I got a suede derby pair and it's very nice. Fits...
Patch, judging by this sample photo and previous comments from Rick.
The first one
^ so what?
Here's another vote for adding some non-irons into the mix... at least in the MTM program...please, Rick?
It's closer to a simple three button jacket, unfortunately. That's how the lapels are shaped/pressed right now. You can see it in the picture you provided: the lapel button is pressed so it ends just above the top button and so is the other lapel: you can see the crease on it, it looks like a shadow but it is the actual crease. On the jacket in picture, the top button is unbuttoned which gives appearance of maybe 3-2.5 roll but it's misleading, it is still a three button...
Thanks, it'll be good to see it in real life. However, I am afraid my enthusiasm just waned... I came home to my navy hopsack jacket waiting for me (from the latest MTO). I put it on and.... It is a three button jacket. Not 3-2.5 roll. The lapels are pressed so they end right ABOVE the top button. Dang. Looks wrong. I compared it to another 3-2.5 jacket I have and the top button in Bella Spalla seems to sit a bit higher and the spacing between buttons is a bit larger. If...
Actually, I wanted a peek at the indigo, the check and a brown one... I'll coordinate with you so we don't wear indigo on the same day, if I end up with one ;P
Ben @eHaberdasher, I emailed Colleen several days ago asking when the Bella Spalla jackets might be online. I am talking about the stuff in the current MTO but not yet spoken for - I picked up my pre-ordered jacket but I wanted to pick up another. I hope there your ordered a few extras. I haven't heard back so I am trying you on here... Thanks
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