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I bought two pairs of the flannels currently up on the website and they are GREAT. I am also eyeing the upcoming ones...
Really? I'd snatch them up quickly (I actually own the coat in the first pic). Again, just like @CMAc7 I have my basics covered, and then some. To each his own, though, I suppose.I agree on having a permanent collection of staples ready. S&M is too much of a hit or miss still. For example, the "fabled" pants you're referring to were, imho, substandard as far as fabric goes. (Rick is promising better, richer flannels for fall!)
Thank you. I think it's only fair we get decent pictures since we may be putting down some pre-order cash based solely on them I am in minority liking number 5, which may turn out well for my wallet.
Ben, I probably complained about this before but is there any chance you can provide larger swatches? We have a penny for sizing reference now and it help but the larger patterns are still hard to comprehend, for example, number 1 or 2. If you don't have larger swatches to photograph yourself, any chance the mill/wholesaler would have? It would be really helpful, IMHO. Thanks! PS. Number 5 for me, perhaps. Others TBD - need better pictures!
Shots of cloth you're using for the fall line would be even better
Yes, he was right, no argument. I said it was a flub on Linjer's part earlier on, but on the other hand, it is a 150 dollar quartz watch. The exclusivity concept doesn't really apply, other than arguing about it on principle.
Maybe Roman will comp you 10 bucks so that you can add 'very, very' to the 'limited edition' on your watch? PS. Offer valid only for the first 250 backers. NO exceptions this time.
Rick, do you have these swatches in the downtown store? Can I swing by, try jacket, pants, make order?
Well, this "limited edition" flub was an unfortunate development. Thankfully, I prefer mechanical watches
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