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Also, it sometimes takes a day for the PO to receive the package that the postman/woman couldn't deliver. It often says on my delivery notice slip that I can pick it up at so and so PO, tomorrow after 1pm.
The lining doesn't really matter, how often would anyone see it? If anything, funky lining is like funky socks - it shows you're trying too hard.
Agreed. This will be a replacement for my current, aging go-to navy jacket. The indigo is appealing for slightly different reasons
^^^ Nice. Thanks for having me doubt my decision to go with the navy hopsack. Oh, well, there will be a chance to get it when it's ready, although without discount. I'll need to go through my couch cushions for funding anyway.
I pulled the trigger on the navy hopsack (plus a few other items from the store). Now the anxiety begins: will I get hit by duties?
Hard to tell from the pictures. I am struggling with this myself. I am probably going to go on the assumption that navy will be a safer choice, as will the heavier weight. If you need just a summer coat, indigo should ok, it'll be a bit brighter but then again, it's a summer coat. I am likely to wear the coat beyond the summer so the hopsack will be safer and a little bit more versatile.(We should ask Ben to make an extra effort with the photos. I don't know what he could...
This sounds about right. I have Havanas in 38 and the are a bit snug for me. I have two Bella Spallas now and they are a more comfortable fit. I may take the waist in by half an inch. Or not.
The best option would to go with a slightly wider lapel than your usual and an accordingly slightly wider tie Then a nice Benjamin would be up your alley. If you're up for that.
You probably answered your own question: if you want the really skinny look, Benjamins are not really up your alley.
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