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Yeah, it's a hit and miss so I take the risk but I am always weighing the possibility of such a hit. I probably get hit on every third or fourth package coming in. I found that packages with value under 100 (whatever currency) usually don't get hit. If I needed to order anything more expensive, I would assume custom hit is likely, even with UK or USPS.... If you plan on a trip to NY you can shop at CT stores there....could be well worth the ticket.
Sweet! Numbers four and five look very promising. Rick, I'll try to make it to the store tomorrow, maybe I'll see you.
The mocha is probably the safest choice and will be the most "neutral" so it can go with most outfits/color schemes. That was my reasoning when I picked it, at least. If you want to make a slightly bigger statement, then either of the two options will work; louder: cognac; quieter: navy.
Rick, where are the sportcoats? Ready for unveiling?!
Signed up for the mocha briefcase and also +1 for a mocha version of the bag Rach posted in #379 (and a wallet, passport cover, card case...you see where I'm going...) Good luck guys!
Rick, you were going to have some odd jackets in the store - are they there yet?
^^ wow, awesome
Fur future reference: all SS jackets have functional cuffs, I believe their coats have them too
ever thought of asking her why she did it and then not to do it again?
Not sure there are many opportunities to score them at well below $300. Occasionally retailers like Rego (in the exchange tower) will have a sale, maybe match AE's own online sale. You may get lucky then.
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