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I am in for option 2. When tie-less I prefer to show as little chest as possible (I would unbutton the first button only)
Also, do you have measurements for your pants somewhere on your site? (Waist, thigh, knee, leg opening, rise) Thanks again!
Rick, I am readying for a trip to the shop (as soon as you have the sportcoats) and am also trying to size up potential for mtm shirts: do you offer non-iron fabrics in the mtm program? Any chance it can be ordered even if you don't usually carry it? Thanks!
Rick, for custom shirts if I wanted a softer collar and second button moved higher, can both be done? If yes, how do I go about it, there seems to be no option for comments/instructions in the online form...
Rick, most of the shirts above are the semi spread collar, correct? The only exception is the third shirt which is the new full spread? I assume there will be more full spreads coming and also in regular, not French cuff? Thanks!
which ones?
sportcoats next?
Awesome. How soon can I stop by the check them out?!
Fully lined or partial (half, quarter)?Please say quarter....
[[SPOILER]] Is there anything special about the Glasshutte watches made in East Germany in the post WW2 era? I thought they were more or less mass produced...
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