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This sounds delicious. As for flannel, try for something a bit thicker and softer than last year's fabric. It was ok but not great, not really a FW weight.
Same here! The striped linen is stunning... Risk, is it best to wait for restock or PM you as you suggest to Jamie above?
Seconded!There were many times over the past year or so when I went to the website only to mutter "where are the light blue solids?"I'm looking forward to seeing them soon, Rick.
Wow, I gotta chime in because that green briefcase is, just, awesome. I would have loved the wallet in this color (I ordered navy). Well, whatever future brings, hopefully we'll see more of this color across various Linjer products. PS. My mocha briefcase acquired a few bumps and scratches over the past few weeks (pretty much daily wear); it looks gorgeous and it begins to acquire sings of a 'working' bag. Cheers!
^ We may get to 30 degrees this weekend (with humidity). Linen time
^ Slim
[[SPOILER]] Alright, got all three Come, package, come soon!
Wait, what? Black trousers for the summer? Really excited about the sportcoats though. Will plan for a visit next weekend!
Hi, Thanks for the heads up. Any chance you have a couple more pictures of it? It is really hard to get a sense of the fabric from this picture - the weave looks rather large but perhaps it's just zoomed a bit close?
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