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Good call! I can't wait to get my hands on them
I don't have any experience with Bella Spalla but the new measurements are very close to SuSu Havana jackets. I am 5'10 and 160 and a 38r usually fits the bill. I pre ordered two jackets just before the xmas break so should get them in a couple of months....fingers crossed they will be true to the measurements advertised....
But I do agree with Spex
^ sorry but I have to disagree w/ Chambertin I don't think this is a very good fit. It makes you look pear shaped (the hip area). If you open the vents it may help the jacket fall better, though. I would also suggest to go with regular instead of short. You need to shorten sleeve anyway so why not get a slightly longer jacket to elongate your silhouette? An inch in length could do wonders. The back of the jacket and the back of the sleeves worry me a bit, too but I...
Ok, let's get'em made, Ben! I am already itching to put the jackets on and they are still weeeeeeks away!
@razl Thanks again for curating this thread. This jacket made two appearances in this thread but it is home now and not going anywhere. This is my, I think, third purchase based on info found in this thread, and on a couple more occasions I was too late and items were already snagged. Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated!
If I recall correctly, the polls I have seen on SF are all set up as new threads, then a link is placed in old (ongoing) thread out to the poll....
Good points from @Mimo, as usual. I have been thinking about Tisell because it does the plain traditional pilot in a small, 40mm, size which suits my wrist better. I looked at it again and it's got a Miyota movement, not Seagul as I thought. Not sure if it makes a difference?
I know little about the brand but saw some discussion in WUS on Tisell, which has Seagull movements, sapphire and makes fliegers, two types (plus some other models). Do you guys have any thoughts on this brand?
This sounds more serious than you thought it would given we're in the same city... Anyway, it'll be a good few months before I get my hands o it....
New Posts  All Forums: