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Two sources, Shipton & Heneage Aspinal of London They're probably both made by Bowhill & Elliott, but I didn't see that particular motif listed.
Nah. I never change my bag. I carry a Custom Hide 1945 in whiskey no matter what else I'm wearing. We've had this discussion before, I think the general consensus is that nobody worries about matching their bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by blank My question is, can you remove the deployant and thread the watch through the little buckle? I agree that it would seem to make the watch last longer, but I love how a watch sits without that deployant. Just because the watch comes with that strap doesn't mean it always has to have it.
On my monitor that's nearly a dead ringer for their London Tan.
How about Aspinal? This one folds, but it doesn't appear to be too thick. They have a single but it doesn't appear to come on cognac.
You really might want to look into MTM. It's not outrageously expensive and that might be your best bet for finding an overcoat to fit the way you'd like.
Is anyone aware of anyone who sells cardigans in longs? With my ape arms, regulars hit about five inches from my wrists.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I have one dark brown soft leather briefcase that I've been using for years. I have only one and I use it daily for business, regardless of what I'm wearing. Mine is English Tan, but yes, same thing. I don't change briefcases until I get a new one.
Quote: Originally Posted by TBSDSpaniard i'm fairly new here but.....54 pages on the black suit thread...and no one objects to this? It's a troll, it's not worth spending the time objecting to it.
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