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Well, there's Hamilton Shirts certainly. If I were in Houston that's probably where I'd be getting shirts.
A few linens, a few poplins, all Thomas Mason.
Quote: Originally Posted by JibranK Isn't that sort of the point of AEs? It may not be the point, but it certainly is the result.
Bottom button of the waistcoat also remains unbuttoned.
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. Hey I did a few search, but I couldn't find anything. Any watch forums/resources you guys go to or recommend? I'm slowly getting into watches <.< Timezone and Watchuseek are a couple of the biggest.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 BTW, are you related to Joe Naylor? Don't know a Joe Naylor. I've found that last name to be far more common than I'd ever imagined.
Custom Hide?
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia I recommended a Chris Ward watch to a friend for her hubby's wedding present. He loved it. Great quality. Unbelievable CS. I ordered a C5 on the 7th. Hopefully I'll be seeing it soon, in retrospect I think I should have ordered a Stowa.
Quote: Originally Posted by theorientalist Sorry about the length, I should have realized writing anything beyond a paragraph would be futile. Here's the gist, in a nutshell: You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive menswear brands to look stylish, it is possible to put together outfits that look just as good by spending judiciously. So let's not obsess about them. Please go to a Harley website and tell them that it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Er ... aren't you missing the fundamental logic of: "I bought it because it looks nice and I like it." This has nothing to do with price, it's just an aesthetic judgment. Exactly. I don't do a cost/benefit analysis before I buy a pair of shoes. I like the shoes, I can afford the shoes, I buy the shoes. This is a men's clothes board. That's what we do.
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