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Quote: Originally Posted by Albern "We're back!!" haha Which SF member is this? Clearly Sator.
Quote: Originally Posted by grape ok.... so no one have really gave me a reason on why they are "classless" or "ugly" all i got is statements, which is about as useless as asking a 6 yr olds "hows my outfit?" i came here to learn on style and fashion, not to get flame for what i picked. if you wanna flame, thats ok, but give me a reason on how they are bad. christ. i personally love the tattoo design, i dont like being average and i dont wanna be...
This is why there's a Streetwear and Denim forum.
Ultraslim card holder in the front pocket, just the driver's license, debit card, insurance card and a bit of cash, nothing else.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I only went to a state school. We just called it college. I know that school.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 If you're a 12 or 13. Not in April when I said it.
Tumi is terrific, I also have a Red Oxx that I love.
The most arrogant man I know routinely wears dirty polo shirts and old jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF If this is your first order, I'd encourage patience while they refine your pattern on the next order. You'll experience a variation of this same iterative process with whichever alternative tailor you choose. I realize I've not answered the stated question, but I just couldn't resist sharing my thoughts. +1 It took a few orders before I was completely satisfied with my Hemrajani shirts.
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