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Quote: Originally Posted by Clark You can custom make one att Booksters: I have two of them, probably buying a third before long. They're great.
Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) They can't be serious . . . In the Land of Cruiser? Of course they can.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Thanks the 1945 looks nice how strong does the lock ?seem Either adding a lock to a large scholar or getting a 1945 made with deeper compartmentss is tempting. Do they generally charge much for customization? The lock appears to be quite strong, I've not had any issues with it anyway and I carry some fairly heavy books. The only customization I had them do to mine was to put push locks under the buckles...
Sorry about the cruddy cell phone pic, but it's all I have in the office. Here's my 1945 in whiskey, it's about two years old now. I carry my MacBook in it, and it's constantly stuffed full of books and paperwork. Tough enough for me, and I'm not particularly gentle with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr T Yes, they are wonderfully obnoxious. If I remember correctly, there was a decent thread at the accursed other clothing website that described different makers. Might be worthwhile to track it down. This one I think is the one you're talking about.
That is extraordinary. I really must talk to them about that briefcase...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont Borderline Socks I have a pair of pink socks that I wear occasionally with blue seersucker and a pink shirt. Other than that they don't get a lot of use.
I wear pink and I wear it well, it's a very good match for me. I get more positive comments from women when I wear pink than any other color. If I needed a reason to wear it, that's a pretty good one.
And no, no they won't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I am planning on having a sportcoat commissioned soon, and was considering having them also do a pair of office pants from the same cloth. Has anyone does this, and if so, how appropriate will said pants be, sans office? That's just crazy talk, man.
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