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Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty I was thinking about Art for a navy fedora. Art is also highly regarded over at the Fedora Lounge. Jeff, Do you live in or near Indy? East of Indy, nearer the Ohio border, actually. I'm in town all the time though. I don't have anything in Navy, that color is on my short list.
I always have Art make my hats with considerably lower crowns than he'd really prefer, but he does exactly what I want. This is one of the more recent ones he did, this pic is a little overexposed, it almost looks white but it's silver mist.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Looking in Indianapolis? I have not seen good new fedoras around here in many years. Raleigh's stopped selling Borsalino hats many many years ago. My older hats are Borsalinos from around 1970?? I didn't buy another fedora until finding the Optimo Hat Shop in Chicago a few years ago. My first hat from them was $350. The next year, my 2nd hat was up to $375. I would like a navy fedora, but they are now $500 or...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Is there a good place to purchase them in Indy? Not that I've ever found, I do about everything online. Hats Direct or Everything Australian for an Akubra, it's tough to beat Akubra for value. Shipping from Australia from either place is only about 10 days.
Wordpress does RSS pretty much by default. should do the trick.
Temperatures below 32F are severe? It was 32 here last night and I saw people wearing shorts, I'm not certain that 32 calls for breaking out the arctic survival gear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird's One View I support your new project. Damned shame about the silks.
I have yet to ever blow my nose on my pocket squares, but now that I know my clothing has a functional requirement I suppose I should start.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maquis Thanks for the tip Fox81, although I haven't had any luck (I'm no techie, though...) In my research, it seems that the BBC has a list of UK ISPs that it will allow, and if you come in through a proxy, it won't let you view the content. I may just have to let this one go... Get an account at and download it via Bittorrent. That's how I'm getting it.
I have them in brown suede. I've had terrific luck with Adam, I've bought a few pairs of shoes from him in the past couple of years. I agree with the other chaps though, I'd pay the extra for cigar shell... which I also got from Adam.
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