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Quote: My perspective on Kerry is that if he gets elected, he'll end up basically doing nothing. Quote: However, with the state that the economy is in with constant fluxuations in the market and a lack of jobs all around, Quote I would feel better if Cheney was out of office. Oh, and he can take his VP George with him.[/quote] I think many agree with you, and that Kerry wins easily, despite the good economy
Quote: Whatever credibility anyone has on this board is related to the content of what he writes, That is without question the best take anyone has had on this whole silliness.
Quote: Bottom line is that I don't think posting a "do you think Kalra is a liar" poll is appropriate. I think that is well put.  We all have unique usernames that may or may be an accurate identification of ourselves.  I am sure it may some as a shock to some of you, but I am not really a prince.  And on this forum, the person who goes by Kalra2411 has a true identity.  Who he is in his "real life" is insignificant.  The only interaction I have...
I like that bad boy.
Quote: That said, Iraq is only one of Kerry's problems; Bush has more or less coopted Kerry's position (chiefly an internationalising of the now-shadow occupation), and Kerry hasn't come up with a line that sticks. His only argument now is to say that he possesses the credibility with the world community that Bush lacks, and that somehow can persuade the UN and Nato to commit to more than simply training Iraqi security forces. No Bush fan here, but the...
I have been looking for a good tux for quite some time, and am a fat man (48R), wish I was in DC. I never seem to find any on ebay.
Whoa, watch out. I have never seen this tag before. I think it is a fraud.
Quote: Shirt collar is too short (even for a spread). Yes, but I make it a point not to criticize those wielding an axe.
Quote: What I think is really cool, however, is that we live in a place where two charged films like Fahrenheit and the Passion can play within 4 months of each other and be successful. And people can see them without fear of retribution. Would that were the case throughout the world. Amen...
Quote: Ike Behar certainly isn't "the best," but I think they're nothing to raise a nostril at, either. It's a fine RTW shirt, especially at the Marshall's/TJMaxx discount. I own two, one purchased at $25 the other at $16. That's value for the money. Behar ties, by the way, are also an excellent value for ~$16 at Marshall's/TJMaxx. I picked up quite a few Behar shirts and ties this week at Nordstrom Rach for $9.99 each. I was very please at the bang...
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