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Quote: Foxx and Andrew- was that Custom Clothing of Atlanta, owned by Al Kleber, or a different place? Not sure I dealt with Ron Katis. Its location is Barfield Road if memory serves.
Johnny, I think you could make a profit off that one if it is nice.
I wonder if many of us check out the link that the seller will get excited by the number of hits.
Check this one out. Brioni No offense to anyone who was planning on bidding, but wow.
Quote: Don't the RLPLs come with those shoe trees? Yes they do, however, they do not come with the original box, which is why it states in the auction that the original box is not included.
Wow, I haven't worn mine yet. Somehow I think if someone bids, I will list mine soon.
Quote: How long ago did you use Paul Cicchini? The old man is no longer there, and I'm not sure I can recommend them. Quote: As far as great mens stores go, there is an admitted dearth of shops in the Detroit area, but there are a few small bright spots such as Sterr and my other "secret" spots. Please reveal the secrets.
I have a feeling it is coming to an end.
Quote: This will be my final post on this topic.  It is 6:30pm in Paris right now.  That is hardly the daytime.  At the very least, you should be setting up.  Regardless, according to the above-cited article, the ceremony was yesterday.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Correct, it was yesterday. What are you saying? I cannot go on the internet beacuse I am in France There is a reception party tonight,...
Quote: You need to wait until I can get out of work tonight, HRHAndrew. That will most likely be at around 11 EST That is why my wife is a retired lawyer.
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