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This message started with these two comments: Quote: But probably the biggest key is that those who are very knowledgeable, share their knowledge and expertise freely and without any hint of condescention.  It is not often that someone can have an opinion torn apart, but with tact and thoughtful reasoning.  Odd as it may seem, that is a trait that I have been trying to bring to my professional life. Quote: I've learned that there is a...
That brings a tear to my eyes, what a deal.
My dear lord, help me, I am weak. I remember reading somewhere about a shoe buyers support group. Where can I join.
Hi, if anyone here is thinking about going for the RLPL/EG Size 11's on ebay. auction link Please let me know, and I will not bid. (actually I already did, but my high bid was pretty low) Better said, if anyone is going for them, let me know and I will stay out of the way as I really don't need them.
Quote: On a side note, I received the 2004/2005 C&J catalogue today. There's a good 7 or 8 handgrade models not listed in my 2002/2003 catalogue or, for that matter, on PLAL. Care to scan and post?
I have a hard time finding jeans that are comfortable. The best jeans I ever found were called Forestel. They were very cheap, which was nice when I was in college, and they would last forever. I have been on a mostly fruitless quest for the last five years trying to find a new favorite brand.
I was trying to find the very helpful shoe polishing guide that was posted here a while back. I do not think it made the jump when we had our problems. If someone still has it, I would greatly appreciate a repost. I am a recent newcomer to the fine shoe market, and like most things I jump in full bore. Want to protect my new babies.
Quote: I am new, so I hope to learn a lot.  I am just graduated law school and am starting my professional career. I think it is very important to look your best to make a good first impression.  I will have to read up to see if I can learn the things on johnnynorman3's list.  Everyone seems very laid back with the excepetion of karla2411 who comes off quite the opposite.  Not to start any flame wars but I hope that he is the exception not the rule as I have...
I've learned that knowledge is expensive.   Truth be told, I agree with the things that Johnny posted, but what I really enjoy is the camaraderie that we have.  I feel very lucky to have found this board.  I have made trades with members when we both have pieces that are not perfect, just for the sake of getting pieces that we desire, and not being overly concerned about the cash side of the transaction.  I have had someone take time from their busy day to pick up a...
Boy, LA Guy didn't even vote for the top option.
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