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I like that bad boy.
I have been looking for a good tux for quite some time, and am a fat man (48R), wish I was in DC. I never seem to find any on ebay.
Whoa, watch out. I have never seen this tag before. I think it is a fraud.
Quote: Shirt collar is too short (even for a spread). Yes, but I make it a point not to criticize those wielding an axe.
Quote: Ike Behar certainly isn't "the best," but I think they're nothing to raise a nostril at, either. It's a fine RTW shirt, especially at the Marshall's/TJMaxx discount. I own two, one purchased at $25 the other at $16. That's value for the money. Behar ties, by the way, are also an excellent value for ~$16 at Marshall's/TJMaxx. I picked up quite a few Behar shirts and ties this week at Nordstrom Rach for $9.99 each. I was very please at the bang...
I can appreciate the build, and have yet to try on a Borrelli, but a word to the wise on Oxxford. It is my understanding that they use several suppliers for shirts. The ones that I have tried on suggests that to be true.
Quote:   Mr. Mittal is taking a two week vacation on a private island in Indonesia   "Perhaps you do know me..." I thought you were in Indonesia?   But seriously, I had someone miss a conference call because of bad traffic, so I guess I will have to give them a pass.
I think that is a fair price for an Abboud Black Label should you like the suit. I can't comment too much on the construction though Abboud claims that they are of canvass construction. Overall I think it is a resonable buy, even if it is fused.
I think we should all pool our money and buy Barney's. I will pledge $400 and not buy the latest pair of shoes I have my eyes on. Anyone else in?
I see those are doing very well on ebay. Nice work and profit.
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