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Ouch, you have my sympathy. Just make sure they totally knock you out. No local anesthesia for that for me thank you very much.
Quote: Andrew, could you post a picture of the Saviles as well? Quote: I really like the ones in the lower left. Which are those? Those are Rosebery's
Ok, who ever was the first one who found and posted about the RLPL/EG Cardiff's on bluefly you are the culprit who started my sickness.  I had been going along fine wearing some pretty nice shoes.  And then I get my first pair of RLPL/EG's, and today I get in most recent pair from eBay that someone else brought to my attention on this forum. In any event, I am very happy with the fit etc., and take them down to my "closet," and realize I have become sick.  Since that...
I was actually thinking of taking a weekend jaunt to woodbury, has it really fallen that far that it has become to an only if you are in the area type of thing?
Quote: Aside from that, there are specific, particular issues that make Bush a bad president and a bad candidate. The first is simply his arrogance and stupidity. How can you have such a mal regarded figure representing the only remaining superpower country? He embodies the ignorance and slow-talking idiocy that most other countries despise. His haughty, self righteous personality, his desperate religious plugs and his incessant references to "War President"...
Well, the best I can say is while I thought it was terribly expensive at the time of purchase. It doesn't have me that annoyed now after using it.
I let my wife choose, and kept my mouth shut.
We have one at home, it is great. However, you must go with Gas. My mother uses an electric one, and it is not very good at all.
Quote: As someone who doesn't believe in our two-party system in America, but votes based on the merits/record of each particular candidate, I have to say that whether you agree with Moore or disagree, look at the debate and issues he has stirred in this topic alone. Quote: I have to say I respect the intelligent discussion on both sides of the argument here, and I intend to keep an open mind until I have checked facts to the best of my...
You are not alone quill. Many of us are regulars (or try to be) of both sites. I have for the most part given up on Ask Andy's because I lack the necessary patience.
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