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I was actually thinking of taking a weekend jaunt to woodbury, has it really fallen that far that it has become to an only if you are in the area type of thing?
Well, the best I can say is while I thought it was terribly expensive at the time of purchase. It doesn't have me that annoyed now after using it.
I let my wife choose, and kept my mouth shut.
We have one at home, it is great. However, you must go with Gas. My mother uses an electric one, and it is not very good at all.
You are not alone quill. Many of us are regulars (or try to be) of both sites. I have for the most part given up on Ask Andy's because I lack the necessary patience.
Boy, am I glad that I missed that one. Steve, can you just delete all these Kalra threads? I am annoyed with myself that I even posted in them. And this will be my last one.
Yep, I did get them. I am not sure how close they will be in color to the Roseberry's I just got. I hope they are a bit darker and that I will be able to use them.
Quote: I don't think he has one. Plus he thinks Saddam Hussein is the greatest man alive... Steve, where did that come from? Sounds like you are getting annoyed with these threads.
Quote: Whatever credibility anyone has on this board is related to the content of what he writes, That is without question the best take anyone has had on this whole silliness.
Quote: Bottom line is that I don't think posting a "do you think Kalra is a liar" poll is appropriate. I think that is well put.  We all have unique usernames that may or may be an accurate identification of ourselves.  I am sure it may some as a shock to some of you, but I am not really a prince.  And on this forum, the person who goes by Kalra2411 has a true identity.  Who he is in his "real life" is insignificant.  The only interaction I have...
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