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Quote: Ah, you have retained your sanity, then.  Very prudent choice. It was very close, but I chose Boston University instead.  I publicly stated that it was so I could study with Roger Voisin (means nothing to non-trumpeters I know) but in reality I wanted to have the option to transfer out if I needed to.  I did of course after a year. But the final three were, the jailyard as I understand it is commonly referred to, Cleveland IM, and BU.  I...
Another musician here as well, Trumpet. Though I was wise to stay away from the "institute" depicted in your avatar Thracozaag.
Actually you need to ask yourself if you really want the shoes. If you go Johnnynorman's route, they are very likely to offer the additional discount. If you go your route they will just move on. So you have to make the call. I have never shopped anywhere that was more open to negotiations than London boutiques.
Those are in the picture that I posted about my Imeldaitis. They are very fine shoes, and I paid that price on bluefly and don't regret it for a minute. The bluefly pictures do not do the shoes justice.
To hijack the idea from NYCDan, and from a follow up post. Who would be interested in getting together in Chicago? I am in, and think it would be fun.
Gentlemen, Fellow member Duveen (A true gentlemen) was kind enough to pick up the Sartorio tuxedo from Filene's Basement that he posted about.  In November my wife and I are going on a two week cruise to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary/30th birthdays.  There are four formal nights where I plan to wear the tux.  It is an awesome one button number that would lend itself well for wearing vests.  Any recommendations where I can get nice tux accessories?  It would...
I should point out that Hogan's is my all time favorite tv show, I am eagerly awaiting the release of the first season on dvd this fall.
Quote: Hogan's Heroes? I agree, I think it was the episode where Klink was staying up all night to fail a physical and he asked schultz to give him his philosphy on life.  Which was your sig.
I remeber when they were the jeans to have in 3rd grade. One girl asked me why I didn't have jordache. My response was "my mother buys my jeans, and I just wear whatever she buys." I thought it was a really stupid question.
I am the only one who can't believe the stunt that Boozer pulled on the Cavs?  Gordon Gund is one of the class owners in all of sports, and has totally been screwed over.  I think that there will be a new term when it comes to pro sports negotiating "a boozer."  I can just see my Pistons negotiating with Ben Wallace.  Well Ben, you have become the heart of the team, lead us to two straight NBA championships , but we can't take care of you for the fear that you will...
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