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I have never seen a Weston in person. If anyone has some pics, please post. Since I am inflicted with Imeldaitis, Lance, you can probably count me in for some 11's.
Quote: just curious, would you go with 100% cotton, or shirts with a little strech? I find that I lilke the ones that are 90% cotton, and 10% lycra, or something in that area.
Quote: besides, the newer jags apparently really are much more like the fords, under the hood. Actually as someone who works in automotive, I can say with confidence that the quality levels and customer satisfaction at Jaguar is at an all time high since the Ford take over. Ford has been very smart with Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo, and tried to stay out of the way. Land Rover was a dissaster so they needed to get involved. As opposed to...
I really would spend the cash to have C&J redo them. Nothing like getting them back as new. Seems kinda like having Ford work on your Jaguar because they are really both Ford's.
I think without question that I prefer to have my shoes refurbished rather than new. On better shoes, I find that the leather becomes more supple after wear, and they are molded to my feet. I think when dealing with Eg's for example, a factory refurbished shoe that was taken care of by its owner looks better than a new one.
What was the asking price for the Borrelli shirts at Carl Sterr?
Quote: I was of the opinion that the Boston Harbor Hotel was significantly cheaper than both the Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carlton, clearly I was wrong. Especially during the summer when the water location carries a premium. The BHH can fetch up to $100 more per night for similar accomodations at the FSH and RC.
I would recommend the Eliot. It is an all suite hotel on Commonwealth & Mass. Ave. It is very nice and rates are fairly reasonable. I am sure they will take care of you when you check in. I am not a big fan of the Le Meridien. You may also want to consider staying at the Bostonian, in Quincy Market. The Boston Harbor Hotel is nice, but for that coin I would stay at the Four Seasons. If you choose the Four Seasons, let me know and I will call a friend that works for the...
Quote: said founder Christian M. Chensvold in an interview with himself. Next time, I would replace "in an interview with himself," to "a recent interview." But that is just me. Good luck
Wow, I'd buy American if I could have those.
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