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Quote: I know that Armani black label merchandise is made by Vestimenta, but I am not sure if this is the case for the blue label line. That is an interesting one that I never even considered. Can anyone confirm that Blue label is also made by Vestimenta?
Does the increase in price equate to an increase in quality?
A friend of mine asked me about the differences between the Black and Blue label Armani. I didn't know the answer, so I thought I ask here. Is there are quality level difference? He claims that he sees blue label items to have a higher price tag. I though maybe it was a regional thing. Anyone have the scoop?
I just returned from a business trip, and sadly saw that I lost a pair of trousers from my new once worn RLPL suit. I bought the sucker off ebay, and am sick to my stomach that I only got one wear out of it. Do you know if it is possible, or how I would go about buying a replacement/finding a replacement pair? I appreciate any ideas or suggestions as to how I can replace these. Thanks, -Andy
eBay can be a proposition.  I once bought a suit from a seller, clearly overpaid but it is something that I really wanted.  The seller never answered emails, and I thought for sure I was taken.  Not only did the suit arrive, but when it did and it was a bit large for me, he exchanged it for a size smaller that he was also selling.  What I thought was going to be a disaster turned out great.   Maybe we should start a list of ebay sellers that we have had good...
Quote: I was able to go into Nordstrom on my last visit to San Francisco and check out the full range of the new fused-front "Gian Luca Napoli" suits. In a word the were very DISAPPOINTING. That is too bad.  I know most of us where saddened by the introduction of the Gain Luca Napoli line, but I thought it would at least be a very good fused suit. Has any one run accross one of the new fused Barbera's?
Nick, that was great. Definately put a smile on my face.
Quote: I am assuming a couple typos; in the top level "Sartoria(attolini)" probably means (Sartorio), and for "Pal Zileri(sartorial)", he is probably indicating the www.sartoriale.it line. You are correct on both counts. Boy you guys are picky.   Quote: Top level 1881, is made by Brioni with Cerruti providing the fabric to use.   I have never heard that one before. I didn't know Brioni made anything private...
Quote: Purple Label is so Gatsby... Maybe I am just a delusional Purple Label fan, but I consider "Polo" to be the Gatsby and Purple Label to be a bit more refined. Unless someone looks at your tag, and knows what purple label is they wouldn't know. -Andy
Quote: Well, what about the C-class?  A good car made for a younger (read less monied) consumer.  Everyone understands that it is the entry level model, but that it neverthess is a quality car made with the same philosophy as the larger, more luxury-laden, more expensive models. I have to be very careful here because of confidentiality agreements.  Your point on the C-class is exactly the type of issue I was talking about when I used the phrase...
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