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French blue with grey works well. No dark navy it looks yuk! Often find suede brown ties well with these colours chocolate brown is nice or light tan. Flannel is a good option for the trouser with a cuff. Ill throw something on and get a photo up soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by xiaoli I have a pair of khakis in 32 and a pair of reds in 30... they both fit pretty slim. It's those cotton w/ elastane dry clean only pants from Turkey. Maybe I should buy clothes with an empty stomach so I can buy more consistent sizes... They are cotton only, I wash mine all the time. They are not dry clean only, specifically made as a whole suit to clean at home. Not a hit at you, I just know you can wash...
If you dont want the adjusters you can use the excess fabric in the pocket to add belt loops. I dont remember the price but it was not cheap, you will still require it to be taken in at the band and seat. A pair of pants held up by a belt looks ridiculous wrinkled up.
If you want to be picky.. Seat is too low, pull your pants up. Shorten the trouser, add a cuff its a nice touch. If you want to you could shorten the sleeve but its most likely not worth it. Taking that from the shoulder would be exxy if those doctors buttons work. At most it looks about 1cm to long. If you do shorten it make sure you retain the buttons at minimum 3cm from the cuff. Taper the trousers in the calf area, seems well to straight. I wouldn't alter the...
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Sexy! Edit: just in preparation for the herringbone sale, how slim are the herringbone trousers? Sau compared to Rhodes and Beckett, or if PeeGee or anyone else knows cpmpared to the Sarti DItalia pants. Trying to work out whether to snatch up size 30 or 32 cotton trousers/ chinos as I can be a little in between sizes. Chinos are worn a little lower (I choose too) they are also about 1 size bigger than...
Being noticed at work for personal presentation is a sure way to the top! If you dress well on the worst of days and hold yourself well you will always succeed, if you dress like a dag you wont... IMO - I dress like every day is my last, to the 9's. So beyond what would be expected its not funny. Dress with what you have, the richer you look the more respect you get.
Many people suffer this problem, I often suggest a polyurethane insole rather than a foam, this will not compress as much as a foam and also last longer and provide more cushioning. An insole which has a arch support may be better if you find its only the inside side hurting as its clearly due to pronation. You could also cut the shoe but that is extreme.
I see, well that is excellent news! I may look into them a touch more. Thanks again. Style-less.
I appreciate the reply gentleman. These shoes I assume use heavily corrected grain? Regards, Style-less
Hi Guys, Does anyone know somewhere that has some nice cotton Argyle socks? Browns and Navy would be great. Cant seem to find any good range at the department stores or regular retail. Also to the above guy who is quite young and in need of business items, try Herringbone. They have good regular cuts in both shirts and suits which will work well for you, they also do MTO.
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