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I decided to pick one up and see. Free return shipping so why not...
Wow - I like that. Do you have a link?
pdsf - Does your size 30 really have a waist of exactly 30 inches? If they might stretch out to about 30.5 then I just might have to get them.
Really? I ordered my bag + shirt on monday and it still says 'waiting to ship'
Thanks Nan! Just ordered an olive weekender and a peach v-neck.
Same here !
Has anyone signed up for Frank & Oak? What is the quality like and how can they come out with a new collection every month?
thenanyu -- what can you tell us about these belts?
I just wanted to recommend Rover! as a UK proxy. He shipped quickly, resolved a problem with the post office himself, and was very responsive. Great service!
Looking for a UK based proxy to forward an item to Norway - thank you
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