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Has anyone let out the waist on the old rivets? How visible would the old seam be?
Just picked up a Napoli hopsack for a ridiculous price in the sale section yesterday. can't wait
Thanks for the quick reply! A wool selvedge would be amazing, but not if it's so cost prohibitive. I was actually thinking something in the chino style with a nice tweed or textured wool fabric. I would buy that immediately.
Any plans for wool fabrics for the Fall? Either pants or jackets?
I decided to pick one up and see. Free return shipping so why not...
Wow - I like that. Do you have a link?
pdsf - Does your size 30 really have a waist of exactly 30 inches? If they might stretch out to about 30.5 then I just might have to get them.
Really? I ordered my bag + shirt on monday and it still says 'waiting to ship'
Thanks Nan! Just ordered an olive weekender and a peach v-neck.
Same here !
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