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Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Sometimes you can notice the way they look at each other in a very loving sort of way. I don't think it's that type of relationship. More along the lines of: she's feeling lonely and saying I need a dick in me, you are a cool guy and not wanting a relationship so let's fuck! and him being, my wife is away in a different continent type of thing
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer do you know why you prefer Topy to Vibram? B Nelson prefers Vibram. the one high quality local cobber around me much prefers Vibram as well. From the pics, IMO, the Topy looks more refined then the Vibram with small wedges for traction.
Does anyone know of a place in the NYC that uses Topy? From now on, I think it's wise to have topys and metal toe taps.
Quote: Originally Posted by Agnacious "Confide" in the guy that you slept with the other woman a while ago knowing you had herpes and now you are wondering if you should tell her. Watch hilarity ensue. Nice! Yes, I will leave this alone because as everyone knows, nothing good can come out of this. But it's still good to know the signs. That was the intent of the thread, not to call them out. What they decide to do is their own business!
Quote: Originally Posted by intent It's none of your business. On most occasions, I couldn't give two shits even if they were fucking in front of me. But this time, it's different because I know both of them on a personal level and I know his wife. She's away right now.
How does one tell if two people in the office are sleeping with each other and cheating on the spouse. I know there has to be clear signs. I have this gut feeling but I can't prove it. What are the clues?
Looks like there still is a lot of human hands touching the shoe. I would have imagined a lot more automation but this is interesting. Buy Buy Buy..... the pound is under 1.45 dollars now.
I think the actual Topy looks better then the Vibram. Which cobbler in the NYC uses actual Topy? Nick, do you you Topy since on your website, you only mention Vibram.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pashukanis I have bookmarked 16 'build your own shirt sites' - only used two. It would be interesting to see some sort of chart/thread that listed all of our experiences with these various outfits. Something like this but with feedback etc. http://www.magnificentbastard.com/fe...shirt-reviews/ As for blank - I might give them a try - their measuring is a bit too generalized though. How do these sites...
Did anyone read this article or try them out? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/16/bu...6proto.html?hp How many of these design your own shirt sites exists now?
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