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What your thoughts on the "in" color for this season. Other then white, I myself think that pale pink seems to also be a hot color. Any comments welcomed.... Thanks
I would like to thank all those replies on this forum. I have learned a lot from a relatively short period of time. Just goes to show if you learn from the best, one can't be too far off. Anyways, I have these pairs of pants. They are in great need of tailoring . Where in NYC can I find a great tailor/cleaners. I am really only in need of tailoring but a good dry cleaner is always handy too. Thanks and keep up the good posts......
For all those that posted pics, thanks a mil. Now I finally know what I am missing out on. Please let me know where I can find these brands in NYC.... or do I have to order them online.. Thanks
I am looking a place that sells the british brand Crombie. If not exactly sell Crombie then a place that tailors with Crombie's cloth. I would like to get a tailored overcoat using Crombie's cashmere cloth. Please fill me in if someone knows of any in the NYC area.... Thanks....
Hi, My question is what is the best brand for suits under $1000. I wish I had more money to buy suits but I am finanically strapped. If someone knows a good tailor that makes suits for under $1000 and is in NYC, that would be great also. Thanks
Hey Everyone, I am here to discuss the Polo Player stitch on the clothing of Polo Ralph Lauren. I have always gotten Polo because of the cut, fit, style and overall quality of Ralph Lauren from dress shirts to sweaters. But I feel that the Polo Player stitched on the clothes distracts from the overall appearance of the article of clothing. I think sometimes it overtakes the clothing itself. I wanted to know from anyone whether they feel the same way and ifthis has...
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